Paragliding Holidays About Kamshet

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History of Kamshet

Up until the mid 90's Kamshet was just another hick town, an unknown train station on the humungous network of the Indian railways until Sanjay & Astrid stumbled upon it in a search for a piece of land away from the madding crowds of Mumbai. Their plan was to build a small getaway for themselves and their friends – a place to retreat to and enjoy nature.

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Astrid had a dream. A dream in which her children had the chance to run barefoot, climb trees and hills, swim in the lakes and rivers and enjoy an unbridled childhood like she had. On the other hand, Sanjay discovered free flight, the plan evolved and the dream expanded.

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Today Kamshet is known to the world paragliding community as a Paragliding paradise in India - A flying holiday destination because of the massive task they undertook in developing infrastructure and popularizing the area as a PG and an adventure holiday destination.

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Each year Sanjay & Astrid have the pleasure of hosting and introducing scores of pilots and nature lovers from all over the country and the world to the wonderful sport of paragliding. In the process they've had a positive impact on the lives of local community as well.

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The Beauty of Kamshet

Kamshet is located in the Western Ghats (hills) off an ancient trade route that once linked the west coast to the hinterland. The hills along this route are dotted with ancient cave temples, medieval hill fortresses and colonial hill stations.

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Kamshet is a 'dream come true' for all those who love flying, freedom and nature. Superb scenery changes hues along with the seasons. No noise, no pollution, just hills, lakes and wondrous winds.

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Kamshet offers you a glimpse into a simple sustainable lifestyle and a chance to meet warm, friendly village people. The small villages are still built in traditional style (mud, thatch & reed), the farmers still till their land with ancient plough and oxen and the bullock cart is still a reliable means of transport.

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Nightlife in Kamshet

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The weekend BBQ and pilot get together at Native Place is the big event of the week. Weekdays are buzzing here too and as different groups check in and out the party goes on. Chilling out with a beer on the terrace under a starry tropical sky is what we do to unwind after a tiring day at the site. Balu's, the local pub on the way back to base is ideal for a few beers and mingling with the locals.

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Non-Flyers & Other Activities

Each year we have a number of non-flyers, who enjoy Kamshet's idyllic, peaceful surroundings as much as our pilots do.

Children are welcome to come, stay and enjoy! Kids can have a gala time by simply being in the great outdoors with trees to climb, goats and cows to watch and other children to play. Our environment is polished and equipped to make our young visitors happy.

There is a wide range of activities including tandem flights for non fliers, visiting remote villages, bird watching & nature trails, trekking, traditional style fishing, visits to ancient cave temples and forts or just relaxing on your terrace with a good book. When Piku and Stan are around an in-house yoga class happens and all are welcome to join in.

There are many beautiful spots to be discovered in the surroundings of Kamshet. Of particular interest are the Karla, Bhaja and Bhedsa caves, ancient Buddhist cave temples with exquisite carvings and magnificent statues of the Buddha.

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