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Enjoy an exotic view as you feast on a mouthwatering meal of your choice

Our Native Place guesthouse is the perfect place for you to spend your weekend with family, friends and loved ones. Explore the calmness of nature and enjoy sumptuous food as your rest on a lounge chair at the front deck.

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Nestled at a remote valley in the Sahayadri range, flanked by rolling hills and a serene Vadivali lake view, our guesthouse is the perfect holiday location for you to de-stress from a hectic stress life.

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An acre of terraced gardens and luxurious rooms for you to relax

As a part of the package, students and visiting pilots are housed in international style Bunk Rooms (6-8 people) or in tents pitched under the shade of a fig tree right in front of the house. A separate suite of restrooms with running hot water service the Bunk Rooms and tents. Independent rooms are also available as upgrades for students and pilots who wish to have privacy or those coming in with their families/partners.

To know more, visit our Native Place website.

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Finger licking cuisine lovingly prepared

A full-fledged kitchen that serves delicious home cooked meals and refreshments. The weekend barbecue is party time at the guesthouse and traditional delicacies can be sampled on festive occasions. Sanjay, himself a great cook oversees the menus and often puts on his chef’s hat. Friends know him to rustle up a mean stew, subtle veggie delicacies and a spicy chicken curry.

For our visiting pilots, the food served here makes for a great introduction to Indian cuisine which is interspersed with international favourites.

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To know more, visit our Native Place website.

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We'll pick you up and bring you to Kamshet

Airport pickup:

For a reasonable rate we coordinate/organize to have you picked up at the airport by our regular pick up who drops you safely to our doorstep.

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Site transport:

Our hassle-free packages include site transport (one trip to the flying site per day). Each day we will take you by a mini bus to the site that we choose according to the conditions. We take you to the best take-offs and point out the best landing areas. You can be assured that you will be taken to the right places at the right time and be retrieved.

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Checkout the 4 Paragliding Courses from Basic to Advanced, that Nirvana Adventures offers you.

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If you're a paragliding enthusiast already, with some flying under your belt, learn how you can have a rollicking time on a Paragliding Holiday with Nirvana Adventures.

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If you're keen on Corporate Adventures and Team-building activities, learn how Nirvana Adventures can help you with it.

If you don't want go through the hassles of learning paragliding but just wish to experience the sport, then we recommend Tandem Paragliding for you.

Peace bliss

Getting To Kamshet

How to reach Kamshet from Mumbai, Pune and other major cities of India. Plus, detailed directions to Nirvana Adventures.

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Native Place

Paragliding FAQS

Everything you want to know about paragliding as a sport. Is it for for you? How is paragliding different from other ways of flying. All your questions answered in

Paragliding FAQs.

The Nirvana Team

A core team of pilots and adventure enthusiasts who train, guide and directly supervise paragliding holidays and students. Read more about our creators and instructors.
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