How much does the gear cost ? +

State-of-the-art gear would cost around 1.50 Lakh Indian Rupees, this is for a brand new paraglider & harness. One also requires a reserve parachute, a good helmet, ankle length boots as well as gloves.

Besides this a pilot investing in his own gear would like to own a variometer, an instrument which gives you the Altitude, rate of sink / lift, a two way radio and later a GPS when he / she is ready to leave the ridge attempt cross country flights.

Fly Nirvana is a dealer for several quality equipment manufacturers and are always willing to help you choose equipment that is suitable for your flying needs.

How long does a paraglider last? +

A glider's life is calculated by the number of hours it spends out in the sun as UV deteriorates the fabric making it porous thereby loosing its flying characteristics so depending on how and where it is used 300 to 500 hours of exposure is considered an average life. In tropical countries such as India the sun’s effect on the wing can be pretty harsh this is why new types of fabric are being introduced that are harder wearing. Canopies are routinely tested for strength. Long before they become unsafe their flying performance will indicate the need for replacement.

How do you buy your first glider? +

At Fly Nirvana we encourage you to think about buying a wing only when you are properly entrenched in your course program. First, you need to know how to fly. We are dealers for a variety of reputed brands and guide you in your choices keeping your flying needs in mind. Paragliders are rated by performance and safety factors. New pilots should fly only basic gliders until they gain experience and judgment.

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