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It was dull, wet and grey in the UK and I was looking for some Sun, Fun and Flying. My ambition to combine all three in November was looking doubtful until I found Nirvana Adventures.

You don't normally associate November with sunshine, or India with flying. Perhaps you're unsure of the locale. I was impressed with all three.

Kamshet is already around 1000 ft asl. Take-off on the surrounding hills are around another 1000ft higher.

Tower Hill is yet higher. The Western Ghats are an impressive range. The flora and fauna are also impressive if you like plants and animals.

I am a low air-time beginner but I managed to achieve over 6 hours of flight time during my instruction. And I buzzed the Tower - I gained a lot of confidence under instruction and achieved a height of over 2000 ft above take off, enough to buzz the Tower.

I flew a similar glider to my own, I felt safe and comfortable and the instruction was first class. Lots of ridge soaring, and top landings, some thermalling and big ear practicing.

Paragliding can also be a spectator sport. We attracted some interest from the locals who came to check us out. Sometimes they bring their animals along for a walk too.

And finally the bottom landing and return to base.

I was very impressed with everything, the accommodation, the hospitality, and the flying.

Thank you Nirvana Adventures for a memorable stay. I hope to return again soon.

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Richard Atkins

Richard Atkins is from United Kingdom.