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Flying with Nirvana

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I came to India on the 19th December 06’ to do some paragliding in India which has been my dream for years. Found this website on the internet about a place outside Mumbai about 2 hours away called Kamshet. Was picked up at the airport and directly transported to the Native Place which was to be my home for the next month to come. It’s also the first Paragliding School opened in this area in 1997 and one of the most experienced schools in the country.

They have 2 great sites nearby brilliant for beginning and intermediate pilots and experienced pilots can enjoy very good flying here as well.

Tower Hill’s take off is about 857m above sea level and you often get up to 2600 meters after which it is quite an easy flight back to the Native Place where you can land in the garden and have a beer before you pack your glider. The distance is 9 kms back to the Native Place guesthouse from Tower Hill. This site is brilliant for practicing acro too.

The second site at Kamshet, Shelar has a take off at 720 above sea level . At the Shelar cliffs you have people to pack your glider and carry it up to takeoff and down to the vehicle for you. The site is great for soaring and accumulating airtime.

There is yet another take off right above Native Place called the ‘lake view site’. A 20 minute walk to takeoff and you can go XC to Shelar – 4 km away and fly till after sunset and get back home for a beer after which dinner is served.

I spent a month here and we flew everyday except for a couple of when I decided to take it easy and relax at the guesthouse. It costs a visiting pilot 25 euros per day which includes food transport and stay. Great food, good variety and both spicy or non spicy as you like it.

At Native Place you are well taken care of by the staff. There is lot of positive energy in the place and great people too. I met a lot of Indian pilots and beginner students. Every weekend it is full of people - students and pilots from all over the world, mid week you have the place to yourself. Great place for Yoga and meditation. Beautiful lake 50 meters down from the house.

Weekends when Sanjay the owner is here it’s a feast. Sanjay often cooks dinner and lays it out on the roof. You meet up with the rest of the guests and pilots under the stars where you may spot a shooting star or two if you are lucky.

Beautiful garden and a couple of hammocks to relax in and breathe in the air scented by the tropical flowering climbers. At the entrance of the garden is a beautiful smelling shrub called the queen of the night which puts a smile on your face and peace in your heart.

The instructors and the tandem pilots are all highly qualified better than many places I’ve seen in Europe. The safety aspect is very well taken care of. I have to say they are damn good pilots.

Best time to visit – November, December, January and February after which it is still flyable but the heat begins to escalate.

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