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What Day is it!

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What day is it? Now, the cynical among you, particularly those who claim to know me better than most, will likely put this apparent brain fade down to overindulgence in fermented substances, a pastime I have been known to partake in on more than one occasion. But no, that’s not it. I mean, ok, if it was just me asking the question then maybe. The same could be said about a couple of my compadres without too much stretching of the imagination. But everyone said it! Everyone at some point said “What day is it?” The real reason is simple, that Native Place is officially rated a chill zone! It must be built on some mystical cool karma lay line convergence or something! Every man woman and child, every visitor, every living thing that ventures into its realms takes on this laid back attitude – hell, even the bugs are too chilled to bother anyone!

So there you have it. What better place to be you might ask? Honestly, nowhere! Nowhere that is if your intention is to get a TATA truck load of airtime in on your paraglider in the middle of winter while all your mates back home whinge about the cold and rain, how they can’t seem to get a decent curry anymore and Tony Blair!

We hit Kamshet in November. Six of us; Scott the “dontwannabee” Yank, loud, proud and the most knowledgeable Paramotorist I know. He’s been dodging rockets in the troubled Middle East so long he’s started jumping when someone farts! He’s definitely in need of The Chill.

Next it’s Guy, Clanky to his mates that can run faster than him. A long time PPL and an even longer time gadget freak, Guys had his fair share of stress this year and is “getting back on the horse” after nearly meeting the great acro pilot in the sky after a scary spin.

Next up is Bob. Affectionately known as Lobbitt, Chunky or more recently Vindaloo Bob! Bob is the salt of the earth and it’s really him I have to thank for getting me into PG in the first place. We learned the hard way and had the most fun I can remember. I prised him away from his gorgeous Irish beauty to get some chill with the gang. Cheers Breegey!

Following on next, its Roger and his better half Christine. Two of the nicest people I know, even if they do talk a bit funny! Rog is currently doing his bit for the paragliding industry by buying a glider from each manufacturer! Most commendable! Christine is the gorgeous, patient, supportive, funny half of the combo. A great cook and a not half bad dancer too. They are both on a mega Chill mission right now and Kamshet fitted the bill perfectly.

Last and most definitely least, yours truly! Every show needs its Punch and it seems like this is the only crowd willing to put up with me right now. I’m lovingly referred to as “Fat Git” by my illustrious friends these days. Don’t you just love ‘em?

Enough! Onwards and upwards as my old Dad used to say!

Sanjay & Astrid deserve medals for what they’ve achieved over the last 3 years since I fist met them. Sanjay deserves a medal for sticking with his dream. Astrid deserves a medal for making sure that dream never faltered. They are a formidable team and their love for what they believe in shines through in everything they do. Supporting them is a great team.

Stick with them and pay attention. These boys will show you how to master the conditions here! The first time I came to Kamshet I spent some time walking back up to take off because I wasn’t paying attention. Stick close to Ravi and you’ll learn that his “Anti Gravity Boots” don’t really exist; rather he just knows this place so well and is in touch with the conditions on an almost subconscious level. And when you get off! Wow! The conditions are great! I don’t need to describe them all here. Everything Sanjay says on his website about sites and conditions is bang on!

We flew almost every day. The days we didn’t fly were by choice and not because of weather. Everyone achieved their own personal goals and frankly, what more can you ask for. On top of that throw in some of the nicest people you could meet, the best food and drink, and more sunshine than you can throw a stick at, and you can’t get much better than Native Place.

So stop wondering about whether it’s worth the long trip. It is worth it and it’s not so long! (I had a girlfriend who used to say that!)

Chris Sowerby

I’m happy to answer emails from anyone who wants more info;This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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