The August Mai PG Club visits Kamshet

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February 2002, Nirvana Adventures played host to the August Mai Paragliding Club of Moscow. Punky the group leader liased with us and fixed the entire program a month in advance.

Seven pilots and three non-flyers flew out of minus 6 degrees centigrade into 24 degrees of sunshine, were met at the airport and driven up to the hills. Kamshet became their home for the next two weeks. Flying everyday, long swims in the lake and still longer vodka evenings. They sure know how to toast and knock it down.

We found the Russians to be warm, friendly people, and we got some insights into their ways, making it easier for us to relate to them. Michael refused to fly on Wednesday the 13th, so we organized a sightseeing trip to Pune for part of the group.

Non-flyers made the most of the simple life at Kamshet visiting the weekly market, buying saris and traditional silver jewelry and visiting the Karle and Bhaja Buddhist caves to see the beautiful rock cut carvings built in the 2nd century BC.

Coconut water, watermelons, barbeques, spicy curries, chilled beer and vodka were key words as were flying, lying in the sun and floating about in the lake.

Alexei & Guelena decided to get married according to Hindu rites and Nirvana Adventures rose to the occasion organizing the entire event. The wedding ceremony took place on the 9th under the auspicious Umber tree and many villagers turned up to witness the event. Besides the Nirvana team pilots, Meltem from Turkey and Piet and Guert from Holland were also present. Balu's the village pub was the chosen venue for the bachelors party.

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Pankaj Khushawa

Pankaj Khushawa is a paragliding pilot living in Moscow. He first visited Nirvana Adventures in 1998 and since then has come back in 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2004.

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