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Our tryst with the Indian Navy which began in December 2003 continues.

OCTOBER 2006 – MARCH 2007

The season began with a batch from INS Garuda, the Indian Naval Aviation establishment. INS Garuda is the training hub for naval aviation and home to a number of naval air squadrons. It was an interesting experience, teaching Naval airmen and aeronautical engineers.

Through this season we continued to have many more naval students from various installations across the country and we must say it has been and honor as well as a satisfying and pleasurable experience.

Here are some pictures and feedback

Indulging in adventure sport can be a life changing activity. Navy allocates funds for adventure activities and the paragliding training is a constructive activity that can be pursued over a period of time. This is why we chose paragliding. Nirvana Adventures came highly recommended and they did not disappoint.

We spent 5 days at Kamshet with Nirvana Adventures mastering the basics of free flight. As Naval airmen and aeronautical engineers we came in to the course with our aerodynamics and meteorology fundamentals in place and it was interesting to discover that this knowledge although would hold us in good stead at an advanced stage of paragliding was not entirely necessary to the scope of Beginner Paragliding said Cdr SV Joshi.

With regards to the quality of training he stated that “A solid training pattern was the core of the program. Methodically planned lessons in the field and detailed briefs & debriefs. Equipment was state of the art and the student instructor ratio, logistics and safety details all stood out as pretty impressive. Considering that the training schedule is weather dependent it went off without any hitches and the logistics and fabulous food and stay arrangement at native place were the icing to the cake. “

According to K S Yadav who had some free flying experience before “I have experience flying powered hang gliders – but paragliding proved to be extremely wonderful – one of the best sports I’ve I have done “

Lt Cdr Srinivas Tata was especially enthused with the training program. He said “I have attended a lot o training programs – this one stands out because it was a mix of training, companionship and brotherhood the likes of which I have not seen anywhere else. At Nirvana Adventures we got the rare opportunity to really meet the instructors. They were sincere and approachable and this led to a sense of freedom, camaraderie & bonding. In such a short period of time to develop this kind of rapport is not easy. You know that the instructors are keen to pass on their expertise, knowledge, attitude and love for the sport and this proves to be a great motivator.

About paragliding as a sport he added “This is a totally new experience – being from the aviation world and flying helicopters one had an idea of what it feels like to be in the air but paragliding is completely different you are a free spirit, this is real flying like a bird, there’s nothing better than this here, skills of the individual are paramount and there’s no relying on machines – its totally amazing.

I sighed up for this one without having any previous knowledge about the set up or activity. In fact I did not know there was anything like this until I got there. This training program surpassed my wildest dream.

He further stressed that “The instructors are eager to give you your due and it is easy to see how much hard work has gone into the setup, the training process etc – I have no words to express this properly. All I can say it has left intense memories and a great desire to be back”

Commander Bharat Thatte wrote in to say “The P1 from 14 to 18 Mar 07 was one of the greatest satisfying experience I have ever had with any such activity. The training was conducted in a state of art manner. The accommodation and food was par excellence. My sincere thanks to one and all who made our stay and learning a great success. With best wishes”

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Nirvana Adventures efforts to promote the sport of paragliding to the Indian defense bears fruit. In December 2003 we welcomed a group of young cadets and helped them achieve their dreams of free flight. We look forward to taking this association further.

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