Tin Flyer goes paragliding

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I fly aeroplanes for a living but getting airbourne without being enclosed by a coca cola can and the aid of a noisy engine is way more fun!

My first solo in a paraglider was awesome. After 3 days training it was such a buzz to make the first launch out into space with the ground far below.

Sanjay and Ravi reassuringly directed me by radio. "A little left, OK, turn right now, good."

My most memorable flight was the first time I got enough lift to climb high above the take off area. It's an amazing feeling to soar with the eagles and see the world from such a different angle while dangling like a puppet on strings!

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Ruth Murrell

Ruth Murrell is a First Officer Airbus with Cathay Pacific Airways, based in Hongkong. She completed her P1 and P2 paragliding course with Nirvana Adventures.

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