Kiting the wing is like flying a kite

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This two day course is a lot of fun . I should know - I stayed at this level for a few years. Nirvana Adventures allows you to fly solo after the age of 16 so I could only do the things that can be done in the first 2 days of the course aka the ‘2 day course’ and although this means skimming the slopes and no high flights it is really a lot of fun. I enjoy kiting the glider and small flights about 10 feet.

SunithKiting the wing is like flying a kite but way more fun as while flying a kite there is only one thread but while kiting the glider there are two brake toggles and also you are not only controlling the wing to move it where you it to move but your moving yourself too and when you reach the next stage that is of bunny hops it feels even better as your finally air borne. The flights are short but exciting and are great practice for takeoff and landing which brings a state of excitement and happiness. The air on the face also feels very good too although the main aim of these exercises is to get practice for safe take off and landings, so just imagine if the first two days are so much fun, how exciting the rest are going to be.




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Sunith Rao

Sunith Rao has been waiting to fly solo for many years now. He has done hours and hours of ground handling practice and many tandem flights. He can’t wait to fly high on his own but is aware of the responsibilities that go hand in hand with paragliding and other adventure sports.

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