This is Nirvana.

Written by  Asa & Anita

asa-anitaWhen we reached our first PG destination in India I felt like falling on my knees and kissing the ground. Being in India that didnt seem like a great idea. So I jumped for joy instead… we both did! We so deserved being at this utterly gorgeous place after the last days experiences. Native Place has a good vibe you feel as soon as you walk in the door. It is in the middle of nowhere by a peaceful lake. From here we can drive with the local pilots to several flying sites. We already went to two of them and had great flights. We have met so many lovely and interesting people/pilots here and the staff spoils us with warm Chai, home cooked meals and hot showers … and just now, as I sit here typing these words, they brought me a piece of freshly baked cake!  This is Nirvana.   

The Flying Effect