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December 2003 – Ten cadets from INS Shivaji, Lonavala and INS Mandovi, Goa, all between the ages 18 - 22, full of energy and enthusiasm successfully completed the ‘P1 Beginner Course’, joining the ever - widening community of student pilots in the Western Ghats. It’s a matter of pride and great honor for Nirvana Adventures to associate with Navy in training their cadets in the art of free flying.

The Navy is interested in promoting adventure sports amongst its cadets. We have so far had the cadets undertake courses in Rock climbing, hot-air ballooning as well as Para jumping. This is the first time we are taking up paragliding.

Commander I. B. Uthaiah
Training Commander (Cadets Training) INS SHivaji

Practicing the sport of paragliding can teach respect for nature and give you a glimpse into understanding the forces of nature. The sport is also teaches judgment and attunement with one’s own potential. One thing it most definitely does is to change your perspective and impact on your life. Our efforts focus on sharing these special experiences with our students and this is what we hoped to communicate to the cadets.

Sanjay Rao
Cdt. Prashant P. Honshetti (18yrs)

I was under the impression that paragliding was something like hang-gliding but it was soon cleared that we would be flying canopies like parachutes. It was hard work to begin with but it all paid off when we had our first solo flights. They were great experiences, as being in the air felt like the birds. I am looking forward to more and more flying. The wind in the face, the canopy above, and the view below me are the things that I would always like to experience. Paragliding taught correctly by our instructors in Nirvana Adventures will be my greatest learning experience and I hope we can continue to fly as well as do some more advanced courses.

Cdt. Deepak Kashyap (19 yrs)

I am living on land by joining Navy I made water my habitat, the only place left was the sky/air. After paragliding with Nirvana Adventures even that is not untouched now.

Paragliding is coming up as a new adventure sport in India and it only requires awareness to promote in India. It is eco-friendly sport and even weather conditions are favorable for this sport in India.

Cdt. Chandrakant Phulse (18 yrs)

I never expected to spread my wings so quickly and was pleasantly surprised to be flying solo within 2 days of the course. I felt great to be airborne! The course turned out to be above my expectations in all aspects. Flying and paragliding is one part but the instructors, accommodation, location, and scenery all around it was all amazing. I will obviously want to come here again and again for more. Nirvana Adventures is one of the best places I have ever seen. The staff is very friendly and they are very free to answer all questions.

Cdt. G. Praneeth Kumar (20 yrs)

Being in the Indian Navy I never dreamt of flying. Navy has given me an opportunity in the form of Nirvana Adventures. During my two years of defense training I encountered many adventurous activities like mountaineering, river rafting, horse riding and parasailing. But never felt as thrilling as this adventurous breathtaking sport of paragliding.

Defense never gives any opportunity to any civilian training center and by this you can see how much confidence Navy has in Nirvana Adventures. That too for an adventure sport like paragliding. Nirvana Adventures has the best of the training facility with utmost caution for safety.

Cdt Rajeev Lochan (18 yrs)

Last month one fine evening while traveling from Pune to Lonavala, in a local, I saw some people flying over the ridges on the way. Everyone in the compartment was peering out at the gliders and I too had my eyes glued on to them. I wondered whether I would get a chance to do the same someday coz I felt it was wonderful.

A few days after, I had one of my divisional officers announcing a paragliding course at Nirvana Adventures in Kamshet. I had an idea that it must have been the same people I had seen from the train and was therefore quite excited about it.

I volunteered and after a few physical and basic tests I was chosen. Today, about a week after, I am proud that I have successfully completed my basic course. Thanks to Navy and Nirvana Adventures.

“Land and water were my friends and now I don’t fear the sky even”

Cdt. Shivesh Kumar Sanam (18 yrs)

Being a naval cadet I really loved adventure sports. Coming to Nirvana Adventures added a new dimension to my life. I had experienced the thrill of horse riding at my alma mater Sainik School at Satara. Where I had great experience, which I will always cherish. But this paragliding course has surpassed all my previous experiences. This course besides giving us thrill, adventure, extremity, also taught to respect and understand Mother Nature. We understood and experienced the tremendous potential that the wind possesses. The course even taught us to be more disciplined and maintain our presence of mind when faced with a situation. We also learnt terrain analysis and forecasting weather conditions, the instructors at Nirvana Adventures have the most simple and lucid approach to a phenomenon as complex as paragliding. I owe all my skills and knowledge to Nirvana Adventures and to Indian Navy for giving us a window to this sport. Looking forward for more.

Cdt. Harsha B Ghatnatti (18 yrs)

My long wished dream of flying was accomplished at Nirvana Adventures. When I first saw the paraglider I just wondered how this sheet of nylon could fly anybody in the air like a bird.

When I experienced my first flight I couldn’t believe it. It was really great we could hover over a place without loosing height. It is the most wonderful machine that man has ever invented. Using no fuel no muscular power, no energy we are able to fly that’s really great. I am very grateful to Nirvana Adventures for this dedication towards the promotion of this extremely adventurous sport.

Cdt. Nikhil Bhadkamkar (19 yrs)

I was very excited to be selected for this course. The general idea I had about paragliding was of a wing shaped structure that one is hooked to. (What I later came to know is called a hang glider). It was a great experience taking off from a hillside with a glider. The birds eye view that one gets is absolutely wonderful. One falls short of words to describe the flight. With each flight fear changed into enjoyment I feel special and lucky to be one of the few who have had a chance to fly like a bird all by myself. The experience is absolutely thrilling and has left me with a desire to fly longer and higher.

Cdt. Yogesh L. Sharma (23 yrs)

Before coming to Nirvana Adventures, I had heard about hang gliders, and I thought of the same thing about Paraglding. But after stepping into Nirvana Adventures all my doubts were cleared regarding Paragliding. Before starting, many questions popped up like ‘whether I’ll be able to do it or not!’ ‘How it feels!’ ‘Whether it’s scary in the air!’ etc. But after two days of toil and hard work at ground handling sites and excellent training by Nirvana Adventures Instructors, finally on the third day, I was able to do my solo flights with radio guidance. You know, it feels great, once in air, you feel on top of the world, when the land is down below you. I always loved adventure and I am happy that I’ve come to the right place ‘Nirvana Adventures’ which enables you to explore nature with proper techniques. Hope to come back soon to do some more flying.

Cdt. Ashish Annasaheb Kore (18 yrs)

Nirvana Adventures is really too amazing. I have done rock climbing course, valley crossing, rappelling, rafting but never dealt with air sports. When we came here I was excited to do so. Slowly we were taught about paragliding and from knowing at least ‘p’ of paragliding we have already done 7 flights from 180 ft height and on the final day we will take off from 850 feet. The instructors of Nirvana Adventures were too good. They explained the smallest of our problems and covered all the minor details as well. They also showed us few movies of  Nirvana Adventures training and one about how much one can do with paragliders. We are always keeping one thing in our mind i.e. defense applications of paragliding. We hope our superiors get on to it and they also think paragliding in view of defense and not only as a sport. And thinking this we can also develop our skills. Thanks to Nirvana Adventures and our instructors.

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Nirvana Adventures efforts to promote the sport of paragliding to the Indian defense bears fruit. In December 2003 we welcomed a group of young cadets and helped them achieve their dreams of free flight. We look forward to taking this association further.

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