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Student Stories

Student Stories (15)

Check out the 'Kamshet Flying Experience' Written by and about our students, friends and pilots. These stories will give you a feel of the trip. Join us and have a blast!


This two day course is a lot of fun . I should know - I stayed at this level for a few years. Nirvana Adventures allows you to fly solo after the age of 16 so I could only do the things that can be done in the first 2 days of the course aka the ‘2 day course’ and although this means skimming the slopes and no high flights it is really a lot of fun. I enjoy kiting the glider and small flights about 10 feet.

You don't normally associate November with sunshine, or India with flying. Perhaps you're unsure of the locale. I was impressed with all 3. Kamshet is already around 1000ft asl. Take-off on the surrounding hills are around another 1000ft higher. Tower Hill is yet higher. The Western Ghats are an impressive range. The flora and fauna are also impressive if you like plants and animals.

As I fought to overcome my overwhelming feelings for self-preservation, my body lunged forward. My chute inflated and I tried my hardest to run and get some forward speed. Just then a gust of wind came and lifted me high into the sky. What a feeling. From intense loud rustling of my wings to complete silence, and soaring. I had one huge silly grin on my face I tell ya. Pure bliss.

Binny was not so lucky it seems, the thorny karvanda bush got her. Much to the delight of the little village kids who ran eagerly clapping and giggling all the way. I watched them help her fold the glider, they were so adept at it. Observant little kids. Saw a car in the distance, a couple of Nirvana club members have come for an evening flight, watch them stop by (the local farmer) Shelar's hut, where the windsock hoisted on his roof promises good winds.

The scene was one of action , the colorful gliders enhancing the festive mood. When all the passengers had finished their flights the pilots flew for their own pleasure. It was thrilling to see them perform antics in the sky almost like a variety of amusement park rides high up in the sky.

We watch the new students looking skeptically at the illiterate farmer and smile to ourselves. Even this will change. By the end of the training they will develop a newfound respect for the local farmer, his traditional wisdom and knowledge of micro meteorology. That's what a paragliding holiday at Kamshet does for you, along with teaching you to soar with the birds. Personal flight!

Each day we made the trip up to takeoff in a 4 wheel drive hired from one of the companies at the beach. Being a forest reserve one had to pay a fee for the use of the road to takeoff.

Clumps of thorny bushes are rushing towards me with threatening speed. Sanjay on the radio asks me to be calm, and that I will pass over the bushes. My second flight is not going so well after all, unlike my maiden flight. My first flight was near perfect. Gliding in the air, 100 ft above the ground, I had felt literally on top of the world.

Ten cadets from INS Shivaji, Lonavala and INS Mandovi, Goa, all between the ages 18 - 22, full of energy and enthusiasm successfully completed the ‘P1 Beginner Course’, joining the ever widening community of student pilots in the Western Ghats.

My most memorable flight was the first time I got enough lift to climb high above the take off area. It is an amazing feeling to soar with the eagles and see the world from such a different angle while dangling like a puppet on strings!

6th June the designated last flying day of the season arrived and many pilots and students turned up to celebrate and fly together. Large mighty cumulus clouds looming over the site as well as a timely shower put paid to our hopes to get airborne but the outdoor celebrations went on even with the dampener.

Our training days on the ground was a lot of fun and excitement. 11 students, 4 instructors and 3 more ground crew who helped us spread the gliders, clear the lines and be ready for our runs and hops.

Being with family, friends and like minded people from various parts of the world, all with a common objective of flying at quite a virgin site.

Our tryst with the Indian Navy which began in December 2003 continues. It was an interesting experience, teaching Naval airmen and aeronautical engineers from INS Garuda, the Indian Naval Aviation establishment.

"I grown up, I want to be a pilot. I will fly you to Hong Kong", I would always tell those words to everyone when I was a kid! And guess what I did this Christmas vacations? I went for a Paragliding camp to Nirvana Adventures, Kamshet near Lonavala for five days.