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Pilot Stories

Pilot Stories (11)

Dangling in the sky, land thousands of metres below, paragliding is the closest that one comes to flying. Will Marks dons the wings.

An airborne perspective of some of India's incredible flying sites - By Jon Garton, Australia

Alexei & Guelena decided to get married according to Hindu rites and Nirvana Adventures rose to the occasion organizing the entire event.

Here's a quick guide to going Paragliding in India from London. If you are a U.K. national, thinking about going to India for Paragliding this write up will come handy. - Jason Smith (U.K.)

Niels, Edon, Leandor and Rien from Netherlands share their experience of flying in Kamshet.

Pankaj Khushawa tied the knot with his Russian girlfriend at a wonderful Indian wedding ceremony at Native Place. Check out happenings of a non-flying day!

I really appreciated the flying, as well as the India experience (the people, the farms, the villages, and the countryside) at Kamshet. - Jill Nephew (U.S.A.)

Beginning of October 2005 season Hagen Leschanz, a Lufthansa Cargo Pilot stopped by to fly at Kamshet .

We flew almost every day. The days we didn't fly were by choice and not because of weather. Everyone achieved their own personal goals and frankly, what more can you ask for - Chris Sowerby (Oman)

Free flight in Oman is impossible so it made sense to capitalise on the long break after Ramadan by crossing the Arabian Sea to link up with Nirvana Adventures and explore paragliding possibilities in the Western Ghats in early November. - Duncan Perry (Oman)

I spent a month here and we flew everyday except for a couple of days when I decided to take it easy and relax at the guesthouse. Great food, good variety and both spicy or non spicy as you like it. - Dag Ivar Hansen (Norway)

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