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Students Speak

Learning Paragliding with Fly Nirvana has a lot of hidden benefits. Read some experiences as shared by our students over the years.

Learn the art of soaring like a bird

Written by

Untitled-19Any backpacker traveling through India would be ecstatic to come across a place called Nirvana. From the moment I stepped into Nirvana Adventures base ( a guesthouse called Native Place) that's exactly what it felt like 'heaven'. I knew I was in the right place. This beautiful, unique building had the most surreal, relaxed vibe. I loved traveling through India but it’s a stressful journey to say the least. The two week break I took Paragliding with Nirvana Adventures and staying at Native Place was exactly what I needed.

I had come to Nirvana Adventures looking for lessons in flight. After an incredible lunch and a few hours relaxing in the hammock on the back porch at their beautiful guesthouse called Native Place, I was off to start my much anticipated paragliding adventure! The crew took me to the first practice site where I was harnessed in and began my training.

While researching paragliding companies, before my trip, I was so thrilled to find Nirvana Adventures and was sure that they would be the right choice. After my first day of instruction from Ravi, one of the very patient and encouraging instructors, my decision was confirmed. I definitely was in the right place.

I had always imagined paragliding to be the most relaxing sport possible. I realized very quickly however, that it is much more than floating in the sky. There is a lot of work, training, and understanding of the theory before you can just run off a mountain. I feel incredibly lucky to have had the in depth training that Nirvana Adventures offered before I was carried up into the thermals on my first real flight.

I can almost say that there is nothing better than flying with the birds, but in all honesty, there is. Knowing that you have the sufficient training, perfect gear, and constant radio communication with your instructors below made my first flight the best experience of my life.

Look forward to being back soon :-)

My experience at Flight Nirvana in Kamshet was one that I will remember forever

Written by

My experience at Nirvana Adventures in Kamshet was one that I will remember forever. I am a 22 year old Canadian student who was travailing India for an educational program and came to Nirvana Adventures paragliding camp with 3 other Canadian student in my program.

We all truly enjoyed the experiences of learning to paraglide and made great friends with the instructor and other student taking the courses. The pilots’ ability to create a safe learning environment and help me understand the mechanics and skills needed to paraglide make it easy and comfortable for me during my training and flights. I loved Kamshet and Native Place so much that I returned during the monsoon to teach English to the staff and I hope to return in the near future. What a life changing experiences!


Native Place is a real retreat

Written by

Dear Sanjay and Astrid

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for the week I have just spent in Kamshet. It was possibly the most relaxing and rejuvenating break I have had in a very long time – and was sorely needed.

Native Place is a real retreat from all the pressures that come with city life. Your staff there is incredible people and made me feel extremely welcome and very much at home. Your flying team are equally amazing – Sanjay’s steady and comforting hand and Ravi’s skill and energy are a great combination. They really made me feel that I could do it and the experience of simply being ‘up there’ was a truly amazing one. Please pass on my appreciation and thanks to them all.

I am really missing my daily couple of hours in the hammock now I am back at work. I also want to thank you so much for your hospitality and kindness – you made me feel incredibly welcome at Native Place.

I would love to come back and continue my flying. I can’t manage this until our Christmas vacation, so given that, can you please book me in from Saturday 23rd December to Friday 5th January. Can I have a room please, rather than a dorm space?

In the meantime, take good care and thanks once again.

Burzin Contractor

Written by
Burzin ContractorDo a couple of courses with Nirvana Adventures and get a life long membership into the 'nirvana flying club'–As the week comes to a close I called the guesthouse to check on the flying conditions with the nirvana team. The report as always being good I begin to dream about a great flying weekend - meeting up with the gang, a long soaring flight, a great landing and then heading back to Native Place for the Saturday night pilot get together and excellent BBQ at Native Place. That place has so much energy!

Ruth Murrell

Written by

Ruth MurrellI fly airplanes for a living but getting airborne without being enclosed by a coca cola can and the aid of a noisy engine is way more fun. My first visit to India was made complete by the stunning scenery, the new friends I made, the music and the parties. The tandoori barbeque at Native Place was my favourite. Thanks guys, I am looking forward to coming back.

Dwane Fernandes

Written by
Dwane-FernandesNetworking with pilots from across the country and the world – as the day unfolds one gets to know the students and pilots who have come here from all over the country and the world. You may meet a yoga instructor from Singapore, a CEO from Mumbai, a computer wiz from Bangalore, a scientist from the Netherlands or a sky-god (read as great paragliding pilot) from France.


Written by
CampbellHiring School equipment: I learnt to fly with Nirvana Adventures along with my buddy Jason while on holiday in India in 2001. Since then I have made 5 trips to Kamshet to fly with the guys at Nirvana. I hired out equipment from nirvana the initial few times until I acquired my own gear, an exceptional service offered by Nirvana Adventures.

Sinchan Haria

Written by
Sinchan-HariaYour very own Native Place: This wonderful guesthouse becomes home to you during the period of the course. You get comfortable with the staff as well as the nirvana crew and a sense of belonging sets in. Each time you visit you notice exciting little changes around the property and you rush out to your favorite hang out spot (of which there are many) to relax, imbibe the natural rhythm and breathe easy.


Written by
NiveditaConverting the 3 day course to a 5 day beginner – Dear Sanjay, in summer this year (2005), my daughter Nivedita and myself, had been guests at Nirvana Adventures where she completed her three-day course in paragliding. Now, she wants to complete her P1 course, which I guess means she has to undertake two more days of paragliding. Can you please let us know when the paragliding season starts, so that we, both mother and daughter can be back to Native Place for a nice weekend of fun and enjoyment.

Dylan Fernandes

Written by
Dylan-FernandesNirvana Adventures follows a detailed step by step process that helps the technical minded and the fun loving participant to progress easily to higher levels in the sport. As the days pass your confidence increases and with each flight the controls become like second nature and you fly instinctively like a bird.


Written by
ChintuHobby flying with Nirvana Adventures - Initially I did a few lessons with a guy in Goa but found that it was impossible to continue flying after that. Once I found Nirvana Adventures, things changed significantly. I signed up for their P1 course, got my basic skills in place, went on to doing the P2 course. I then flew with Nirvana Adventures using the school equipment for the next year. Now I have my own wing and I go to Kamshet at least twice a month. I have even been on a Nirvana Adventures free flying trip to Kerala and am looking forward to the next trip. It feels good to be a part of this happy close knit community.


Written by
GokulFamily flying - I come over at least once a month with my wife and 3 year old daughter. We have been bringing our daughter to Native Place since she was 5 months old. My family feels at home at Native Place. My wife has now completed her P1 in October 06 and my daughter recently did a tandem flight. They both loved the experience. We will soon be back for a week while she completes her P2. Hopefully I too will squeeze in some flying time.

Apoorva Talwarkar

Written by
ApoorvaTalwarkarEP > CP > Hobby Pilot - I learnt how to fly, something that I had never thought I could do. I also enjoy relaxing moments and meeting interesting people at Native Place a warm comfortable guesthouse, a destination to which I can escape to on my own whenever I find the time.

Prakash Ahuja

Written by
Prakash AhujaI’ve been flying for 9 years with Nirvana Adventures. I’ve been with them on flying trips to Goa, Kerela and Billing. I have been able to pursue this wonderful sport because they do what they do and I am grateful.

Hiren Savla

Written by
Hiren SavlaThe urge to fly can consume you at anytime - I can go there whenever I choose, no advance planning needed. My glider is stored at Native Place and whenever I get a chance to leave work I ride up to Kamshet on my bike for a flight.

Manish Gupta

Written by
Manish GuptaMy wife and I learnt together. Our 3 year old daughter came along with us. This was possible because of the encouragement and assistance of the Nirvana Adventures crew and the support system in terms of Native Place – Almost like being at home.


Written by
KoenFirst I did 2 Tandem Flights and was so excited that I immediately decided to join for the beginner course. I don’t regret my choice! After completing the course I continued to fly almost every weekend with the school gear. My 2 year stay in India came to an end. But before I left for Belgium I bought a wing from Sanjay.I hope someday I’ll return there to fly again with my friends; I’ll try to make it in April


Written by
NeetaLearning to fly & finding a peaceful haven – Learning to fly was a childhood dream. I did the 5 day P1 course in 2004 over 2 weekends. I was supposed to join up with a couple of friends who could not make it in the last minute. I’m so happy I did not delay it any further. The P1 course was a gentle step by step process and the instructors were patient, helpful and friendly. At the end of the day the return to Native Place was like going back home to a wonderful meal, great atmosphere and a great bunch of people.

Alexander Reuss

Written by
Alexander Reuss“It's not just the perfect flying site what makes the difference, It's the people who are running it”

Sanjay, as you know my day's are counted in India (this does not mean the friendship will stop). My last day will be the 06.10.06. I'm planning my farewell party on 30.09.06. I hope all Native Place people are able to come.

P. S. there is a holiday on 2 October, do you feel, the new season will start by then? Is their any chance to fly one last time with you before I move back to Germany?


Written by
ArunaParagliding with Nirvana Adventures - Thrills & Tranquility - I enrolled for the 3 day course in October 2006. I carried two books along with me to read during my free time. I read exactly 5 pages in 5 days. Each day I had new or nostalgic experiences. One day I walked out towards the village and saw a guy catching fish. The next day I took a ride in a bullock cart, haven’t done that in a long time.


Written by
Graham10 days to Nirvana Adventures – I signed up for P1 and P2 courses back to back in 2006. I came in from Scotland and Sanjay had arranged to have me picked up from the airport. It was a fabulous trip of discovery & friendship. I experienced India through the people I met and the great flying I had at Kamshet – Incredible! Since then I have bought my own PG equipment and fly in Scotland.


Written by
Untitled-193 days to Achieving a Dream – It was my dream to fly solo and I had delayed it for two full years already. When the plans to move to Bangalore became final I decided it was time to enroll for the 3 day course and achieve my dream if not become a hobby pilot as it was my long term plan. Before my solo I had a case of nerves but thanks to Sanjay’s timely intervention and patience, I conquered my demons and achieved a dream. The 3 days with Nirvana Adventures and Native Place will always remain special for me.


Written by
Untitled-192nd weekend of the P1 course and we were hooked for life – Sanjay, the second weekend was really great and I think all of us are hooked for life. This weekend, we had Ravi and the crew all to ourselves (we were the only people flying). They were excellent. Great instruction and great support too. Looking forward to being there as often as we can. See you in the sky.

Simran Chopra

Written by
Untitled-19We came together, a family of four to do the 2 day introductory course. We were all very excited about the paragliding experience and our expectations were surpassed. The paragliding was great but Native Place was the wild card - you got to meet people from all over the world it’s like traveling abroad.

Getting To Kamshet

How to reach Kamshet from Mumbai, Pune and other major cities of India. Plus, detailed directions to Nirvana Adventures.

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