Saturday, 17 July 2010 10:47

Paragliding Weekend

Binny was not so lucky it seems, the thorny karvanda bush got her. Much to the delight of the little village kids who ran eagerly clapping and giggling all the way. I watched them help her fold the glider, they were so adept at it. Observant little kids. Saw a car in the distance, a couple of Nirvana club members have come for an evening flight, watch them stop by (the local farmer) Shelar's hut, where the windsock hoisted on his roof promises good winds.

Saturday, 17 July 2010 09:52

Paragliding Circus in the Sky

We watch the new students looking skeptically at the illiterate farmer and smile to ourselves. Even this will change. By the end of the training they will develop a newfound respect for the local farmer, his traditional wisdom and knowledge of micro meteorology. That's what a paragliding holiday at Kamshet does for you, along with teaching you to soar with the birds. Personal flight!

6th June the designated last flying day of the season arrived and many pilots and students turned up to celebrate and fly together. Large mighty cumulus clouds looming over the site as well as a timely shower put paid to our hopes to get airborne but the outdoor celebrations went on even with the dampener.