Kate Rycroft

Kate Rycroft

Thursday, 30 September 2010 07:31

Learn the art of soaring like a bird

Untitled-19Any backpacker traveling through India would be ecstatic to come across a place called Nirvana. From the moment I stepped into Nirvana Adventures base ( a guesthouse called Native Place) that's exactly what it felt like 'heaven'. I knew I was in the right place. This beautiful, unique building had the most surreal, relaxed vibe. I loved traveling through India but it’s a stressful journey to say the least. The two week break I took Paragliding with Nirvana Adventures and staying at Native Place was exactly what I needed.

I had come to Nirvana Adventures looking for lessons in flight. After an incredible lunch and a few hours relaxing in the hammock on the back porch at their beautiful guesthouse called Native Place, I was off to start my much anticipated paragliding adventure! The crew took me to the first practice site where I was harnessed in and began my training.

While researching paragliding companies, before my trip, I was so thrilled to find Nirvana Adventures and was sure that they would be the right choice. After my first day of instruction from Ravi, one of the very patient and encouraging instructors, my decision was confirmed. I definitely was in the right place.

I had always imagined paragliding to be the most relaxing sport possible. I realized very quickly however, that it is much more than floating in the sky. There is a lot of work, training, and understanding of the theory before you can just run off a mountain. I feel incredibly lucky to have had the in depth training that Nirvana Adventures offered before I was carried up into the thermals on my first real flight.

I can almost say that there is nothing better than flying with the birds, but in all honesty, there is. Knowing that you have the sufficient training, perfect gear, and constant radio communication with your instructors below made my first flight the best experience of my life.

Look forward to being back soon :-)