Where can I Learn Paragliding? +

Although paragliding can be taught on flat topography if there are no hills with the help of towing gear, to enjoy the full essence and continue the sport one has to head for the hills.

In India most of the training happens in the hills. Fly Nirvana is a paragliding school permanently located in the Western Ghats, 110 kms out of Mumbai City and 45 kms from pune running Paragliding courses, offering paragliding joyrides and organizing paragliding and other Adventure Holidays on a full time basis from their base at Native Place a unique guesthouse in Kamshet.

What equipment/ gear will I need? +

When you sign up for a course with Nirvana Adventures, we provide you with a paraglider that is suitable for you weight range and skill level, a harness, helmet and radios during the lessons. No special clothing is required although we do suggest that you wear full length pants and shirts as well as comfortable running shoes with ankle support. We recommend you buy your own gear once you are well entrenched in the CP course.

How to get started in a course program? +

The best way to start is with our Elementary Pilot Course (EP) designed to give you a taste of real flying. Under radio supervision, you will fly solo from the training hill and progress to higher flights, all in a few days as the basic techniques of paragliding - launching, turning, landing are fairly easy to learn. If after your Beginner flights, you want to continue with paragliding, the next step is to enroll in our Club Pilot Course (CP) which will teach you about different launch styles, flying techniques, site assessment, weather, safety procedures, etc. enabling you to fly without direct instructor supervision.

If it is a one off solo flying experience that you are looking for our 3 day Intro course is what you need.

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How much time does it take to learn? +

Although you begin low level flights by day two of your paragliding course, to acquire the basic skills necessary to fly safely on your own without instructor supervision you need time and practice. If you are looking at taking up paragliding as a sport plan 10 course days to complete the 5 day Elementary Pilot Course (EP) and the 5 day Club Pilot Course (CP) as well as a few more days to complete the tasks and number of flights to achieve each rating. In this way you will complete the mandated amount of ground-school time, flights, and flying days within a course program that is geared at making safe, confident and knowledgeable pilots.

How high will I fly? +

In training you will start out just skimming the ground. As you progress and become more skilled and confident you will learn how to go higher and stay up for longer durations.

After the course, then what? +

Once you complete the Club Pilot Course, you are eligible to join the Nirvana Flying Club. Our instructors and senior pilots will help you make the transition from school to flying on your own and taking your own decisions.

We help you continue with the sport by offering you subsidized rates on glider rental, flight supervision, as well as accommodation at Native Place our guesthouse on the lake.

We give you advice on & help you purchase a wing suited to your need. Our website and periodic newsletters will keep you informed about the weather, who is visiting, interesting developments in the sport and flying trips within the country and overseas.

Nirvana Adventures has created a community atmosphere and a sense of camaraderie among our students and pilots. You will find that we are always around and willing to lend an extra hand or go flying with you. We fly as a group almost every weekend, and take former students on trips to new flying sites.

If I do a course here can I fly else where in the country or abroad? +

Across the world paragliding is regulated by associations of pilots, schools and clubs who have taken active part in development of standards in areas such as safety, training procedure and practice, equipment certification and testing, governing of sites and pilot ratings. Licenses are issued by the relevant association through the local clubs and insurance can only be procured if one has a valid license. In India we do not yet have a regulatory body and licenses are not needed.

Nirvana Adventures follows a training pattern that is compatible with international systems we have a system in place to facilitate our students (Indian and foreign) to get their memberships and licenses when they choose to fly abroad / want to pursue the sport back in their home country.

Is there a particular pattern that is followed? +

Nirvana Adventures follows the BHPA – British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association’s progressive training pattern and rating system a comprehensive, tried and tested paragliding training program which is designed to teach the necessary flying skills in a logical progressive way, together with imparting the essential knowledge and skills which you need to continue flying safely.

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