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Learn the fine art of paragliding

Does the idea of free flying fascinate you? What if you could soar across mountains and swoop above rivers? Imagine breathtaking scenery, pleasant weather and you above all, flying like a bird as you touch the skies.

Sounds like quite a thrill, doesn't it?

Paragliding is one of the most affordable and feasible ways of achieving free-flight. It is also easy to learn and fun to practice as it allows you to float above the ground and enjoy the beauty of nature, just like a bird.

Choose a Paragliding Course that's right for you

The 2 day introductory course is for those looking for an active fun adventure weekend. It gives you a peek into the sport.

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If the idea of taking off from a hillside and gliding gracefully through the air sounds like a great plan for a long weekend, join our 3 day paragliding taster course.

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Ideal for a first timer who wants a good solid basis to learn this exciting sport. It will provide you with the first structured training enabling you to fly under the direct supervision of an instructor.

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Having completed your Elementary Pilot course you are guaranteed to want to learn more and expand your horizons. This is an important level to aim for, if you intend to continue with the sport. This course is designed to keep you soaring for extended periods.

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Rahul Gandhi. The Indian Air Force. The Indian Navy. And Now You.

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What if you could learn paragliding under professional guidance with quality equipments, at a beautiful location? Yes, you’ve heard it right.

At Nirvana Adventures, we’ve been teaching paragliding to eager-to-learn flyers, foreign tourists and adventure daredevils, for over a decade. You get a well defined syllabus; experienced instructors and quality equipment to help you enjoy and cherish this exhilarating sport and thereby making your experience with us a memorable one.

Nirvana Adventures follows a detailed step by step process that helps the technical minded and the fun loving participant to progress easily to higher levels in the sport. As the days pass your confidence increases and with each flight the controls become like second nature and you fly instinctively like a bird.
Dylan Fernandes

Buckle. Sprint. Fly.

Nirvana Adventures offers you complete courses in paragliding for people who want to learn, as well as people who want to take their already acquired paragliding skills to a new level.

We have courses to suit different levels of interest, whether you are looking for a one time free flying experience or to become a hobby pilot and go on paragliding holidays to different parts of the world. We’ll help you select a course which suits your level of interest and most importantly which is right for you.

17 years training the best in paragliding

Nirvana Adventures holds a special position of being the longest running and most reputed paragliding school in India conducting full time Residential Paragliding Courses, since 1997.

1000's of people have trained and graduated from Nirvana Adventures in the last 17 years. So, what are you waiting for?

Join Nirvana Adventures - the only Paragliding School in India with a permanent base in the centre of the most favoured flying zone in peninsular India - Kamshet.

Next steps

We have 4 paragliding courses for you to choose from. 2-day Paragliding Intro Course, 3-day Paragliding Taster Course, Elementary Pilot Course and the Club Pilot Course.

Check out the details of the Paragliding School, Food and Accommodation, that you'll enjoy at Nirvana Adventures. Explore all the reasons Why Nirvana Adventures is your best bet for Learning Paragliding at Kamshet.

Learn from the Paragliding Stories of those who have done it before you.

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Getting To Kamshet

How to reach Kamshet from Mumbai, Pune and other major cities of India. Plus, detailed directions to Nirvana Adventures.

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Food & Stay

Explore the calmness of nature and enjoy sumptuous food at our Native Place

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Paragliding Gallery

Take a snapshot tour of the fun and adventure at Nirvana Adventures.

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Paragliding Videos

Get a visual expireince of Paragliding through the Nirvana Adventures' Videos.

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The Nirvana Team

A core team of pilots and adventure enthusiasts who train, guide and directly supervise paragliding holidays and students. Read more about our creators and instructors.
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