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Everyday sunshine and clear weather.

Say goodbye to parawaiting.

Greetings from the western hills of India and welcome to Kamshet - The paragliding stronghold of the Western Ghats (ranges).

At Nirvana Adventures, we don't just promise you great flying but also a complete colourful Indian experience as well as a hassle free flying holiday, far away from the tourist trap.

Adventure Holidays in India. Cherished Memories.

Indians are famed for their warm and friendly hospitality but Nirvana Adventures will go the extra mile. Fly with us, and Kamshet will soon become your nest away from home. The friendly company, great food, easy-going people and the wild stories that tumble out are stuff that turn a good holiday into a memorable one.

Weekends when Sanjay the owner is here it's a feast. Sanjay often cooks dinner and lays it out on the terrace. You meet up with the rest of the guests and pilots under the stars where you may spot a shooting star or two if you are lucky.
Dag Ivar Hansen

Nirvana Adventures - Paragliding, Holidaying and a lot of fun.

The area where we conduct our paragliding activities is perfect for flying. You get 8 months of sunshine and a favourable flying weather. This ensures your paragliding activities run uninterrupted, so you can enjoy and truly experience the thrill of flying.

17 years of unmatched paragliding enjoyment

We have had a presence in this idyllic area since 1992 and have been running a Paragliding School here since 1997. We have discovered and christened all the sites here and our relationship with the local people have led to the opening of these sites to the flying community. When you fly with us, you share our experience and our goodwill in the area, thereby helping the local people and the school.

Take a tour of some breathtaking paragliding sites

We also have some mind-blowing Paragliding Sites for beginners as well as experienced pilots within 15 kilometers from our base. At Nirvana Adventures we teach, guide and directly supervise paragliding holidays for you. We also indulge in exploring and developing new flying sites, to make your experience with us a savoured one.

Get the best in class service and quality gear to your aid

Our visiting pilot's package takes care of your paragliding needs and the additional services we offer are geared at maximizing your enjoyment quotient when you decide to come for a flying holiday with us. Our Mumbai (Bombay) office which is located near the airport  will co-ordinate and assist you to arrive at our location without any trouble. Come for Paragliding in South India

Food, Accommodation and Transport, all taken care of.

Apart from paragliding we also take care of all the logistics such as Accommodation, Food, Site Transport, etc. All you have to do is to fly and have fun. The Native Place,  our guest house by the lake is a hub for pilots. It boasts great views, a variety of delicious food, warm easygoing atmosphere and hosts great parties.

So, if you're looking to spend your holidays at heavenly locations with amicable hospitality and favorable conditions to fly, 8 months a year. You'd definitely want to track Nirvana Adventures on your radar.

Check out some videos of the flying scene at Kamshet made by pilots who have visited us for a paragliding holiday.
Swedish Group

March 03,2009

Peder of aventyrscente Sweden has been visiting Nirvana Adventures and Native Place with a group of pilots every December since 2006. Many of the pilots traveling with him on paraglding holidays to Kamshet return each year – a sure testimonial of our services.

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Explore the details of the Paragliding School, Food and Accommodation, that you'll enjoy at Nirvana Adventures. Examine all the reasons Why Nirvana Adventures is your best bet for Learning Paragliding at Kamshet

Learn from the Paragliding Stories of pilots who have been here before.

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What Day is it!

What Day is it!

Chris Sowerby

We flew almost every day. The days we didn't fly were by choice and not because of weather. Everyone achieved their own personal goals and frankly, what more can you ask for - Chris Sowerby (Oman)

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1. Eye catching and dramatic scenery
2. Favourable paragliding conditions, 8 months a year
3. Exotic and beautiful paragliding sites
4. Easy accessibility from major cities
5. And last but not the least, the possibility of flying virtually every day of the long season (November to June).
So, pack your bags and come spend a "Flying holiday" with us in this captivating environment.
Make your holidays worth remembering.

Peace bliss

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How to reach Kamshet from Mumbai, Pune and other major cities of India. Plus, detailed directions to Nirvana Adventures.

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Sky Shop

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Native Place

The Nirvana Team

A core team of pilots and adventure enthusiasts who train, guide and directly supervise paragliding holidays and students. Read more about our creators and instructors.
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