shelar paragaliding site in india

the summer flying site we discovered in kamshet

Our main training site in summers and the first site we discovered in this area. A mile long, Shelar is a perfect site for pilots of all abilities and is great for both ridge soaring and thermalling. Pilots looking for accumulating airtime in a short period of time will find Shelar an easy site.

The site is located away from the highway and other main roads, making it a secluded spot for flying. There are no power lines here and one can land anywhere in the fields. Afternoon conditions are usually strong, which is followed by great soaring conditions with light thermals, making it possible for you to gain height between 300 metres and 800 metres above take-off. Later in the evening, as restitution kicks in, magic lift keeps you afloat until sunset.You can also achieve a small XC flying (4 kilometres) back to the Native Place guesthouse on a good day.

SHELAR – site information

  • Ridge Orientation: West
  • Take-off Altitude: 720 metres MSL
  • Landing Altitude: 80 metres below take-off
  • General Wind / Weather Conditions: Dynamic, Thermic, Thermodynamic
  • Paragliding Season: You can fly at Shelar from February to June
  • Pilot Skill: Novice pilots with instructors, intermediate pilots and advanced pilots can fly at Shelar

"I first visited India and Kamshet during the millennium and spent a month there. When I left Scandinavia I had logged 12 hours in two years. When I said goodbye to Shelar, Sanjay and the gang at Kamshet a month later I had clocked 47 hours and was rearing to fly in the big mountains. Next stop Manali and the Himalayas. One thing’s for certain, I’m coming back for more."

- Kenneth Pelander, Scandinavia