shinde hill paragliding site in india

THE paragliding TRAINING HILL for beginners

training paraglider at shinde hill kamshet

The perfect hill for hops and assuring first solos. Take-off height 40 metres above ground level. Just off the highway, a few kilometres away from Kamshet town. If you are looking at improving your ground-handling skills and, also, gain confidence in take-offs and landings, the tiny Shinde Hill is a great site to practise.

Shinde Hill- site information

  • Ridge Orientation: East
  • Take-off Altitude: 640 metres MSL
  • Landing Altitude: 30 metres below take-off
  • General Wind / Weather Conditions: Dynamic, Thermic, Thermodynamic
  • Paragliding Season: You can fly at ShindeTekdi from October to February
  • Pilot Skill: Shinde Hill is a training hill for beginners

"Denmark is a flat country and there is not much possibility to fly there. It was great learning in these mountains."

- Helge, Denmark