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Nirvana Adventure's excellence in hosting paragliding and adventure activities has garnered a variety of media coverage.
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Soaring over India

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Star Weekend, Malaysia travels to the windswept mountains of India's Western Ghats for some extreme paragliding.
Published in Star Weekend, Malaysia
December 2003

One flew over the cliffs of Kamshet

Nirvana Adventures makes it to the front page of Bombay times. Naval Cadets sample the high life, away from the familiar shores: writes Vrushali Haldipur
Published in Bombay Times, TOI
December 2003

Navy takes wing, cadets take to the sky

Che Kurrien writes about INDIAN NAVY Cadet's experience while learning Paragliding with Nirvana Adventures in Kamshet.
Published in Indian Express
December 2003

Nirvana in the sky

Nirvana in the sky, an article about paragliding experience in Kamshet region. published in Australian magazine, Pacific Flyer.
Published in Pacific Flyer, Australia
October 2003

The Umbrella People

Action Asia
Nirvana Adventures is featured as one of the 10 great Adventure destinations in India. Eric fearn weaves a trail over the Western Ghats...and The Umbrella People
Published in Action Asia
September 2003

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The adventerous Indian

For 36-year-old ad filmmaker Vikram Oberoi, adventure sports began as a diversion. He was sitting in his office in Mumbai, bored and restless, staring at an empty weekend ahead when a friend told him about Nirvana Adventures, run by Raos.
Published in India Today
19 May 2003

Para-dise harnessed

Sunday Express

The afternoon wind was strong but smooth. We were camped at the base of the Sahyadri Hills in Western Maharashtra, waiting to leap off cliffs and soar like vultures. Our group leader, Sanjay, had scoured the local terrain for months before striking upon this remote site: a glorious set of five arched hills, each peaking at a thousand feet.
Published in Sunday Express
13 April 2003

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Top drive getaways

Top Drive Getaway a popular automotive showcased Native Place as Multifaceted destination for those who hear the call of that distant drummer. – It also featured the famous TV star couple enjoying the stay ambience and food at native place and indulging in mountaineering and paragliding
Published in Star World
February 2003

Manna below the heavens

"Behind me the ridge fell steeply, a few hundred feet. I took a deep breath, step backwards and fell into the void. This was the end of a rich life, diverse, full of adventure. This was the end. There was a sudden tug and I was lifted upwards. My single sail above billowed, and I was soaring a thousand feet above Kamshet. Miniature cattle were ploughing the field. Village dolls were drawing water from the well. Toy cars were moving slowly on a silver thread, Like a Brahmany kite I surveyed the land and was astonished at my elation and equainimity so high above the earth, held aloft by a single 13 pound sail powered only by the wind currents sought by the birds."
Published in Sunday Mid-day
13 January 2002

On a high

Vrushali Haldipur defies gravity and discovers that when you are para-gliding ground realities are for those with a weak heart.
Published in Bombay Times, TOI
7 January 2002

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