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If you have harbored a childhood dream to fly like a bird or to grow up and be a pilot – paragliding can help you fulfill your dreams. Learning to paraglide is a gentle step by step process. Be assured you will not be asked to jump off a cliff! Lessons begin on flat ground with the instructor reassuringly by your side. As you get comfortable with the controls and gain confidence you will be moved up to gentle slopes for small skimming flights.
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25 September 2006

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Getting To Kamshet

How to reach Kamshet from Mumbai, Pune and other major cities of India. Plus, detailed directions to Nirvana Adventures.

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Explore the calmness of nature and enjoy sumptuous food at our Native Place

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The Nirvana Team

A core team of pilots and adventure enthusiasts who train, guide and directly supervise paragliding holidays and students. Read more about our creators and instructors.
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