What pilots haVE to say about nirvana ADVENTURES

Amanda Scripnic – Intermediate Pilot


My experience at Flight Nirvana in Kamshet was one that I will remember forever

My experience at Nirvana Adventures in Kamshet was one that I will remember forever. I am a 22 year old Canadian student who was travailing India for an educational program and came to Nirvana Adventures paragliding camp with 3 other Canadian student in my program.

We all truly enjoyed the experiences of learning to paraglide and made great friends with the instructor and other student taking the courses. The pilots’ ability to create a safe learning environment and help me understand the mechanics and skills needed to paraglide make it easy and comfortable for me during my training and flights. I loved Kamshet and Native Place so much that I returned during the monsoon to teach English to the staff and I hope to return in the near future. What a life changing experiences!

Ian Baker - Elementary Pilot

Hong Kong, China

Native Place is a real retreat

Dear Sanjay and Astrid

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for the week I have just spent in Kamshet. It was possibly the most relaxing and rejuvenating break I have had in a very long time – and was sorely needed.

Native Place is a real retreat from all the pressures that come with city life. Your staff there is incredible people and made me feel extremely welcome and very much at home. Your flying team are equally amazing – Sanjay’s steady and comforting hand and Ravi’s skill and energy are a great combination. They really made me feel that I could do it and the experience of simply being ‘up there’ was a truly amazing one. Please pass on my appreciation and thanks to them all.

I am really missing my daily couple of hours in the hammock now I am back at work. I also want to thank you so much for your hospitality and kindness – you made me feel incredibly welcome at Native Place.

I would love to come back and continue my flying. I can’t manage this until our Christmas vacation, so given that, can you please book me in from Saturday 23rd December to Friday 5th January. Can I have a room please, rather than a dorm space?

In the meantime, take good care and thanks once again.

Michael Steinke – Elementary Pilot


I just spent a few days at your place and took the 4-Day Elementary Pilot course. I had a great time. The place is beautiful. I enjoyed the hang out spaces, the lake and especially the rope/wire walk. The food was good, and it was nice to have everything prepared for us. All we had to do was enjoy ourselves and be safe. Your pilots are good guys, very helpful. I could see from our time on the hill that there was a big difference in your school and their instruction from the others around us. The FlyNirvana crew were great about building confidence and helping you to understand what was going on. I learned a lot and fast. I was grateful for their individual assistance. As I had such an awesome time and I love the flying I intend to visit again.

I found your place via Lonely Planet travel guide, they feature great places and the Nirvana Adventures Paragliding School is an example of that. I am grateful for what they have going on there

Shweta Kohli – Intermediate Pilot

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Hi I am Shweta Kohli and I am very happy being me although sometimes I’d love to be a bird so I could fly. This is my story of learning to fly.

I discovered FlyNirvana because of a flying Parsi from my childhood. I was 12 when I first saw a human fly around in something that looked like a fixed wing glider. I knew I had to find a way to do that.

28 years later I signed up for EP(Elementary Pilot) at FlyNirvana. I finished my EP in Dec 2016 and I came back again in Nov 2018 and completed the Intermediate Pilot Course .I want to keep on flying till I get so good at it that I can travel the world to fly.

The memory of my first flight is so compelling that I feel connected and grateful to all the people who made it happen. All the instructors Bond Sir (my first flight), Ravi Sir, Khandu Sir, amazing team all of them.

The Native Place Guesthouse deserves its own review, even if you don’t want to fly or learn paragliding, just come to Native place to experience it’s unique vibe.

FlyNirvana gave me wings and Native place is where I can be myself and chill.

I love the food at the guesthouse. Home cooked Indian meals and harvesting the veggies, herbs, fruit and salads from the garden. I love spending time in the garden on bench overlooking the lake or a quiet shady spot listening to the birds. The Saturday night BBQ on the terrace is a happy time when all the guests and students gather together. Great conversations with people from all over the world and great ambience too.

Thank you Astrid and Sanjay Rao

Kunal Bhuta - Club Pilot

New York, USA

Truly Nirvana!

Known as the pioneers of paragliding in Kamshet, Nirvana Adventures has come a long way inculcating the passion of paragliding amongst persons of all ages. I have been visiting Nirvana Adventures since 2009. During my visits here, I have realized how this wonderful place holds a different meaning for each individual that comes here.

I came to Nirvana Adventures to learn how to fly, knowing little that one trip was enough to get me addicted to this wonderful sport and Nirvana Adventures. Over the years I have come frequently to Kamshet, and each visit there is something new and different to experience. Sanjay and Astrid Rao, the owners are always fine hosts and are always working to improve and run the place smoothly. If you are here to fly, the instructors will see to it that you learn the basics well. They are easy to approach and will always be happy to answer any doubts you might have.

The course is well balanced with flying and theory sessions which take place each day. The part that I appreciate the most is the emphasis that is given on safe flying conditions. Like other forms of aviation paragliding has its risks and knowing that the instructors keep your safety their foremost concern is always comforting. Once flying for the day is done, the team heads back to the Native Place – the guest house where the staff there provide a clean, comfortable place to stay with timely meals. I have heard that the tandoori chicken is to die for! (Although being vegetarian I have never tried it.) After the day’s flying is done, it’s always nice to sit with likeminded people at the guest house with a chilled beer and unwind. Also, it’s a great opportunity for budding paragliding pilots to interact with local and international pilots, many of whom come to Nirvana Adventures yearly.

There are several reasons why one would choose to come to the Native Place and paragliding is just one of them. Some families also come to spend a lazy weekend at the guest house beautifully overlooking a lake. The relaxing environment at the native place is always energizing.
Today there are several options available to learn flying in Kamshet. Having flown with Nirvana Adventures over these years, I can surely say that it is a great option to learn and progress in the sport.

Shiv Kutty - Club Pilot

San Jose, California

Safe paragliding experience

I flew in (alone) from San Francisco California, wanting to take a 4-day paragliding course at Nirvana Adventures. It was such a great experience that I decided to return for another 5 days while I was in India.

Right from the start, I felt very much at home – the friendly atmosphere, the quiet, relaxing ambiance, the delicious food, convenient facilities, … Your *every* need is taken care of.

When you sign up to paraglide, you are essentially entrusting your life with Nirvana Adventures. Each and every Nirvana instructor takes his job very seriously and doesn’t leave anything to chance. As you progress through various levels, the Nirvana flight instructors are always around to ensure a safe learning environment all throughout your course

During my stay, I had the opportunity to connect with so many interesting people from different walks of life and background – each with the single mission of wanting to learn to fly. Plenty of lively conversations, people sharing their recent adventures/flying experiences over a cup of chai or a beer; There is an undeniable sense of community at Nirvana.

Oh, did I mention the food! Exceptionally delicious locally sourced & organically grown fresh-from-the-garden of Native Place. I assure you, you will not be disappointed with the daily menu.

All in all, you come out relaxed and bigger, better and a new you!