What pilots haVE to say about nirvana ADVENTURES

Group Captain CN Satish, Indian Air Force - Club Pilot


The FlyNirvana team are the pioneers in Paragliding, not only in the region, but in the entire country. They recently celebrated two decades of successful operations. No wonder they are the most popular and the safest paragliding school.

My getting into paragliding was the most serendipitous. I am from the Indian Air Force. I was keen on doing skydiving but there were no vacancies for it. I thus opted for what I thought was second best. Little did I then realize that this was the best thing to happen to me ever in my life.

This happened several years ago, and I have been returning to fly with them every season. What makes me go back again and again? First and foremost, it is their attitude towards safety. Being from the Air Force, I can vouch that the commitment the team shows towards safety of their clients is as good as that of the flying branches of Armed Forces. The several times they stopped us from flying when the conditions were unsafe ensured that we are still flying today. It is unfortunate that some other schools had nasty accidents at the same time.

The next charm is the friendly and homely atmosphere that they foster. Sanjay, Astrid, Sunith, and the entire family welcome each guest with such cheer and open hearts that radiates an honest positive sense of belonging without any ulterior interests. Also commendable is their sense of responsibility and ownership. The training, even if done in batches, is directed towards each individual’s ability. The expert trainers monitor each and every individual separately, and are quick to correct should the individual falter.

The Native Place, their Base of Operations, is truly a community house. There is none of the sterile and apathetic hotel-like feel, yet all amenities of comfort are available. Situated by the serene lakeside, the calm pervades one’s innermost self. Each and every visit of mine ends with a wish that I shouldn’t have to leave. Of course, the awesome food including the roof-top BBQ under the stars is another attraction that draws me there. Eagerly Looking forward towards my next trip…

Anna Pross

2 days paragliding course - Holland

I had an amazing time with Fly Nirvana. I enrolled for the 2 days paragliding course, which I really enjoyed. I stayed in the Native Place guesthouse which was really pretty. Astrid and Sanjay are really kind and really made sure I felt welcomed. The food was good, the room was good, the paragliding lessons were very well organized, and I felt very safe. Unfortunately, I could only stay 2 days because of my work here in India, but I will definitely come back another time to finish the course. Thanks Astrid Sanjay and team