Tandem Paragliding

Want to experience paragliding but
don't have the time to learn?

The weekend rush is near. You and your friends have decided to do something adventurous. You've already tried skiing, surfing, cliff diving, river rafting, etc. This weekend you're planning for something different, something as exciting and thrilling. So you choose to go paragliding.

But unfortunately, you and your friends haven't had any prior paragliding training. You'd require a whole week to train for it.

You don't have so much time, so you settle for something less exciting. Your weekend plans are buried and poised.

Sounds like a big disappointment, doesn't it?

What if you could experience the thrill of paragliding, without having to learn it?

A tandem ride helps you savour paragliding, without you having to learn it.

Weekends when Sanjay the owner is here it's a feast. Sanjay often cooks dinner and lays it out on the terrace. You meet up with the rest of the guests and pilots under the stars where you may spot a shooting star or two if you are lucky.
Dag Ivar Hansen

Now, experience the joy of flying without having to worry about your wings.

At Nirvana Adventures we make sure you don't go home disappointed. Our tandem paragliding team will ensure that you get the experience, thrill and excitement of paragliding without having to learn it, yourself.

This means you can enjoy the experience of flying like a pro for ten minutes or more without any training or experience, thanks to an experienced tandem pilot, state of the art equipment and breathtaking sites.

Let the pilot do the work while you enjoy the ride and savour the amazing experience, as you settle for nothing less than a bird's eye view of beautiful hills and long and far stretched green fields.

Cost for Tandem Flights

Actual Flight Duration will be in the range specified below.


Flight Duration




Weekends & Holiday Season

5 - 10 Minutes



Rs 2500/-

Rs 3000/-

15 - 20 Minutes



Rs 4500/-

Rs 5000/-

25 – 30 Minutes



Rs 6500/-

Rs 7000/-

We are located at Kamshet  near Lonavala  - Flying time depends on the winds and is usually early mornings and late afternoons to sunset .

You will need to have your own mode of transport to get here and may need to hire a local vehicle to get  to the takeoff at the  flying site and back down as the roads are not good. The Pilots will assist you in hiring one … 

Paragliding is a wind based sport and we  have limited availability so ensure u confirm before you come to avoid disappointment.  

No Beverages / Snacks are available at the site so carry sufficient water , appropriate sun Protection , outdoor wear and other things you may need.  

Next steps
Mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with your Name / Dates / No of Persons/ Mobile No  & Duration of Flight.
If you want your In Flight HD Pictures please ask the Pilot in advance who will advise if possible and let u know of the costs for the same.
You can also book stay at  Native Place our Lake Front Base at Kamshet -  www.nativeplace.com

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