5 day Discover Mountain Flying

Welcome to the Himalayas. Flying the big mountains is a different cup of tea compared to flying low hills in thermodynamic conditions. To find parcels of rising air and skilfully core them to cloud base is fascinating and addictive to say the least.

Duration: 5 Days

The wind is almost nil and Thermalling is the way to get high. You will need to perfect your forward launch and your landing approaches to make the most of this course. Some Thermalling experience will give you a head start.


If the idea of flying in the Himalayas fascinates you our Discover Mountain flying is just right for you. This course offers new pilots a guided experience of flying in mountain conditions.

Conducted at Bir Billing, India’s iconic paragliding site in the Himalayas. Bir offers a fantastic and relatively safe introduction to flying in the biggest mountains of the world – Cross Country Magazine


Gain confidence by working on your thermal flying and coring skills in local conditions. In the mountains, thermals are a lot larger and have more strength and it’s easier to understand where to find them. It is possible to reach cloud base because in the mountains you have no altitude restriction and clouds form regularly. The feeling of flying alongside the clouds for the first time is truly exhilarating. It’s a whole new way of flying.

Your progress will depend on your skill level. We will have instructors on take-off and in the air guiding you and helping you find thermals. Towards the end of the course, some pilots may be able to leave the hill and attempt a short guided XC flight.


Nirvana Adventures conducts the 5-Day Intro to Cross Country Clinic in Bir Billing in the Himalayas in the month of October as this is the best time for low-experience pilots looking to fly the big mountains. Exact dates will be announced closer to the clinic. Mail us and we will keep you posted. A certificate will be provided upon completion.

Led by Sunith Rao an avid XC pilot and ably assisted by the Fly Nirvana instructors. ‘Sunith is highly passionate about competition & XC flying. He spends all of October and April flying here improving his xc skills and looks forward to introducing new pilots to upgrade their skills and explore the skies. His current XC record in Bir is 245 km which he hopes to top real soon. Check out his tracks on XContest

You can do this course after completing our progression course however if you complete the Thermalling Clinic as well you will have a better experience as you will already have some Thermalling practice.


  • Rules of thermalling
  • Active flying in thermic air
  • Understanding clouds and how to read the sky
  • Understanding how, when, and where thermals form
  • Identifying trigger points
  • Formulating a flight plan
  • Identifying thermals in the air and knowing which way to turn
  • How to make use of a vario for thermalling
  • Thermal Mapping
  • Finding the core of the thermal
  • What to do if you fall out of a thermal
  • Landing option considerations
  • Proper briefs and debriefs

Note: This course is meant for pilots with their own equipment. Equipment rental is not included in the price.


On completion of this course, you will have gained knowledge and understanding of flying in the mountains. We urge you to practice and hone your thermalling skills. There is no limit to learning about thermalling. Your benchmark is the ‘eagle’ and other birds of prey. The next step is XC flying.

Note: This course is meant for pilots with their own equipment. Equipment rental, site fees, insurance accommodation, and food are not included in the price.

Nirvana Adventures puts your safety first: We are conservative when it comes to training you on bunny slopes, tandem flights or High mountain sites. We do this only when the conditions are ideal. Safety is our main concern and we rely on good weather conditions for training you. Kamshet is fortunate enough to have the best climate with light and moderate winds for most of the year round, so fly-able days are plentiful.

Both me Patricia were very satisfied with the 5 day XC Course. On day two itself I had the best flying day for a year and best day out for ages! Sunith did such a great job as a group leader. He was professional and approachable and has solid knowledge that he applied with the students. Thanks to all for a great week especially Ravi and Vinod for helping Patricia.- Michael Prichard, Hong Kong