marico sparsh – adventure weekend

Marico Sparsh group came over for an Adventure Weekend at Kamshet in July 2006. 24 participants in all – These were sales people from all over India. They chose our adventure weekend coupled with team building. Adventure was provided by the Nirvana Adventures crew and the event was facilitated by Psychotherapist Bharati Chawate of Mumbai.

They came in on a Saturday morning and soon after tea and refreshments dived into the adventure activities we had planned for them. A hectic morning of enthusiastic activity followed by a well deserved lunch break, and then more adventure. Rappelling, Rock-climbing, Valley Crossing and a bunch of team games each followed by intensive debriefs and learning. In the evening everyone met on the terrace for the BBQ and dinner party. The next morning the adventure continued Participants all had a great time bonding together.

"The Native Place guesthouse is beautiful yet natural. For me every minute I spent was a sweet feeling of unwinding. I felt like a student enjoying with my friends in my class. The Games which we were played involved Problem Solving, Teamwork, Motivation, Group Understanding, Learning, Listening to one another and of course a lot of fun. This experience which I had with the team is my Real Classroom. I've learnt a lot."- Venkata Ramesh, Team member, Vijayawada

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