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CSR Activities at Fly Nirvana

Working with the local community we’ve put in sincere efforts to build a rapport with the local people. Kamshet is mainly rural and people earn their living off the land.

Today CSR is a catch word but Nirvana Adventures has kept the principles and spirit of CSR alive in its everyday working. Ravi, Bandya, Sandeep, Vinod, Amol, Pradip and Suraj, seven young people have been absorbed into the Nirvana Adventure’s instructor’s team. Our Native Place guesthouse also employs locals on a permanent basis.

Our gardening crew and maintenance crew are also local inhabitants. Most of our provisions come from local markets or are sourced directly from the people in the vicinity. We also give out scholarships to deserving students, help them take part in the local festivals in a meaningful way, generate employment, and contribute to and interact with the local schools. All these activities are carried out on an on-going basis at Nirvana Adventures.

Read about Nirvana Adventure’s spirited CSR activities on the FlyNirvana Blog.

Encouraging eco-friendly tourism

As the bulk of the country lives outside the cities and main towns the infrastructure out here is still thin. There is inconsistency in terms of running water, electricity, roads and transport, fuel, food, etc. We consciously, ensure that we use these resources mindfully and encourage our guests to do so, in order to minimize their footprint and save resources.

Our core team is grateful to our community of experts and ambassadors from across the world who contribute to our growth by sharing info, skills, experience and good energy.

Preserving kamshet’s beauty for the coming generations

Nirvana Adventures has grown many indigenous trees at the base and are vigilant about keeping Kamshet and our sites pristine. We report on the status of the endangered vulture population in this area to the Peregrine Fund, a US based NGO. We also actively encourage our guests to dispose their plastic bags, etc. away from the flying sites and conduct periodic cleanliness drives to keep the paragliding sites clean.

We are currently documenting the natural heritage of Kamshet online.

If you are interested in hearing more about or partnering with us in our CSR endeavor’s mail us.

"The best holiday ever. India is great - Paragliding food and friendship. I have been coming to Nirvana Adventures Kamshet on a paragliding holiday every winter for many years now. I especially enjoy the interaction with the village kids at the landing. It is impossible to be untouched by their curiosity, innocence, enthusiasm and joy. This time I visited the local village school that Nirvana Adventures supports and I realized that it was possible to make a difference in little ways. Visiting the school gave us and the kids a lot of joy. I’ll be back soon This holiday is a moment in my life.."- Camilla Ljungberg, Sweden