Indulge in adventure or Lay back back and enjoy nature

Choose Nirvana Adventures for group activities, offsite events, shared thrills, team building and relaxation in the great outdoors, all amidst a breath-taking locale and an eco-friendly guesthouse. If you’re a corporate group wanting to de-stress your team from constant workload, or a school that wants to take students on nature trails, or a family that wants to spend a weekend enjoying the beauty of nature and adventure activities, then Nirvana Adventures is just for you.

Our multi-activity programs and flexible hours for different groups ensure you settle for nothing short of a joy-filled weekend.

Choose a 3-in-1 fun package for this weekend

corporate zone team building activities

Corporate Zone
Celebrate success
De-stress from a hectic environment
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Youth Zone
Rock climbing
Introduction to paragliding
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Multi-activity Programs
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Adventure activities, full of thrills for corporate groups, children and you

Nirvana Adventures offers groups of 10 and more a chance to experience a weekend getaway filled with thrills and tranquility in peaceful and great outdoors. You get a fully integrated adventure sports setup in india, ideally located on the edge of a lake, where we conduct outbound adventure and team building programs for corporate and school groups.

You also avail campsite facilities, experiential team building games and programs, multi-activity adventures, nature trails, paragliding courses plus tandem joyrides.

Relax your mind and soul in our peaceful outdoors

A stay at our eco-friendly guesthouse, Native Place, (3 hours via the Mumbai-Pune Expressway) gives you a chance to relax and enjoy the tranquility of a tropical garden while we provide you adventure programs to stretch your boundaries.

Stay in a choice of rooms, dorms or tents and enjoy delicious home-cooked meals, prepared with locally grown ingredients from our garden. Overall, you experience a blend of thrills as well as tranquility! What better way to rejuvenate your senses?

"I had been here earlier with 25 member Comviva team in 2009, and in 2011 with 70 member Mauj team. Overall, the team experience was pleasant, and people really enjoyed the adventure sports. Everyone had different experience and the bonding between team members increased. We could feel our own weight, thanks to the gravitational pull. Also, the adventure needed physical strength / brainpower. it was a nice combination."- Hari Nair, Mauj Telecom

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