tandem paragliding at kamshet

Want to experience paragliding but don’t have time to learn?

The weekend rush is near. You and your friends have decided to do something adventurous. You’ve already tried skiing, surfing, cliff diving, river rafting, etc. This weekend you’re planning for something different, something as exciting and thrilling. So you choose to go paragliding.

But unfortunately, you and your friends haven’t had any prior paragliding training. You’d require a whole week to train for it. You don’t have so much time, so you settle for something less exciting. Your weekend plans are buried and poised.

Sounds like a big disappointment, doesn’t it?

What if you could experience the thrill of paragliding, without having to learn it?

A tandem ride helps you savour paragliding, without you having to learn it.

Now, experience the joy of Tandem Paragliding with Nirvana Adventures.

At Nirvana Adventures our tandem paragliding team will provide you with the experience, thrill and excitement of paragliding without having to learn it yourself.

This means you can enjoy the experience of flying like a pro for ten minutes or more without any training or experience, thanks to an experienced tandem pilot, state-of-the-art equipment and breathtaking sites.

Let the pilot do the work while you enjoy the ride and savour the amazing experience, as you settle for nothing less than a bird’s eye view of beautiful hills and long and far stretched green fields.

Cost for Tandem Flights

The actual flight duration may vary depending on the wind conditions.

Category Duration Midweek Weekends/
Easy Flight 10 minutes Rs 3000/-* Rs 3500/-*
Learning Flight 20 minutes Rs 5000/-* Rs 5500/-*
Pro Flight 30 minutes Rs 7000/-* Rs 7500/-*

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Note : Prices above are not inclusive of Taxes, Transportation, or Photos/Video cost. Cost of Photos/Video is Rs. 500/- extra.

Easy Flight = A conventional Joyride with an experienced Pilot – Enjoy flying like a bird soaring in the Sky.

Learning Flight = The Pilot will demonstrate how the controls work while flying and if conditions permit, he will give you access to controls to experience how it is to fly.

Pro Flight = The Pilot will conduct high altitude Acrobatic manoeuvres with high speeds and G-forces – This is for those who want to feel the thrills and rush of Speed !!

We are located at Kamshet, near Lonavala – flying depends on the wind conditions and is subject to cancellation in case of bad weather.

You will need to have your own mode of transport to get here and may need to hire a local vehicle to get to the takeoff at the flying site and back down as the roads are not good. The Pilots will assist you in hiring one.

Paragliding is a wind-based sport and we have limited availability so ensure u confirm before you come to avoid disappointment.

No Beverages / Snacks are available at the site so carry sufficient water , appropriate sun Protection, outdoor wear and other things you may need.

sapna tandem paragliding

Safety and other precautions during Tandem Paragliding

Our tandem pilots are experienced pilots and strictly follow safety measures. If you are interested in flying tandem, here are a few instructions that might help you:

  • Preferably wear shoes with anklets for better protection
  • Ladies are advised to wear trousers, kurthas,churdaars, salwarkameez or clothes that are comfortable for flying
  • Follow the instructions given by the tandem pilot before taking off
  • Children below 18 years of age will need written consent from parents or guardians
  • Those with heart, respiratory, back and other health issues must seek doctor’s advice, and also inform the tandem pilot before taking off
  • Since the sport depends on weather conditions, which cannot be predicted, there is no guarantee that you would get to fly on the scheduled day. Your flight could get rescheduled without prior notice during bad weather conditions. Please call us before you come to avoid disappointment.
  • You will need your own mode of transport to reach Kamshet, and from there you will need to hire a transport vehicle to reach Shelar or to the take-off point at Tower Hill. The road conditions are not good and it’s not advisable for you to drive your own vehicles
  • You may have to spend long hours in the sun, so it is best to wear sunscreen lotion, full-sleeved clothes, hat, lip balm and shades. Also, carry water and light snacks, as there are no beverages or snack available at the site.
  • Book your stay at our serene guesthouse by the lake at Kamshet to unwind after your flight.
  • Carry back the memories of your flight in the form of in flight video & pictures. Please ask the Pilot in advance before your flight for the possibility of capturing your photo mid-air and for the price.
  • Lastly, please do not litter the site (or anywhere for that matter). Respect nature and try to keep it free from garbage. Remember, there are no garbage bins at paragliding sites, so carry a bag for your trash

Tandem Paragliding Gift Voucher

Stanley tandem paragliding

Tandem paragliding is a perfect gift you can give to someone you don’t want ever to forget you. You can also purchase Nirvana Adventures Tandem Paragliding Gift Vouchers. Call us or click here to place an order for the gift voucher.

  • The gift voucher is not transferrable
  • It’s valid for 2 months
  • In case of bad weather conditions you can extend the period of your gift voucher

"My paragliding experience was mostly Secondhand as I would hear about how invigorating it was to go high up in the sky and the amazing feeling of flying like a bird. I finally decided to take the plunge (literally) and took my first tandem with Nirvana Adventures. I enjoyed every second of it and can’t wait for the next one. It is definitely something to have on your bucket list."- Shreya Das, Mumbai