Pilot Rating: Club Pilot / APPI 2 Explore

Who is this course for?

Once you have completed your Club Pilot course and have some flying experience, it’s time to sign up for a Thermal Flying course that will allow you to fly higher and further than you have ever done before.

What do I learn from it

Learn the fine art of thermal flying and improve your thermalling skills. Thermalling is a major stepping stone to flying cross country, taking your flying to the next logical level and prepares you to fly confidently, efficiently and comfortably in different sites.

It’s an incredible feeling to ride the invisible bubbles of hot rising air and climbing to greater heights is truly an amazing experience. Thermalling is something that can take a lot of time to learn and master, but this course will give you a basic foundation to practice. If the conditions are right and if you do well, you may even be able achieve a small XC flight and land closer to Native Place.


Nirvana Adventures conducts this 4-day thermalling course at Kamshet in January at the Tower Hill site as this is the best time for thermic conditions. Specific dates will be announced closer to the clinic. Mail us and we will keep you posted. A certificate will be provided on completion.


  • Rules of thermalling
  • Active flying in thermic air
  • Understanding clouds and how to read the sky
  • Understanding how, when, and where thermals form
  • Identifying trigger points
  • Formulating a flight plan
  • Identifying thermals in the air and knowing which way to turn
  • How to make use of a vario for thermalling
  • Thermal Mapping
  • Finding the core of the thermal
  • What to do if you fall out of a thermal
  • Landing option considerations
  • Proper briefs and debriefs

Note: This course is meant for pilots with their own equipment. Equipment rental is not included in the price.

Food And Stay

When you sign up for a course with Nirvana Adventures you get the added benefit of staying at our beautiful tropical guesthouse, Native Place is an experience in itself. Overlooking the lake with great ambience, a garden filled with birds, trees, flowers, serving delicious home-cooked meals prepared with local ingredients grown in the garden.

Nirvana Adventures puts your safety first: We are conservative when it comes to training you on bunny slopes, tandem flights or High mountain sites. We do this only when the conditions are ideal. Safety is our main concern and we rely on good weather conditions for training you. Kamshet is fortunate enough to have the best climate with light and moderate winds for most of the year round, so fly-able days are plentiful.

"I have been flying with Nirvana Adventures for several years during which they attentively nurtured my skills and knowledge. I have invested in my own wing now and the four day thermalling clinic came up just at the time when I was ready for more. It was the right mix of theory and practical classes under the watchful eyes of the most experienced trainers. We could understand all the nuances and challenges of the complexities of thermal flying and cross-country flights, which we put into practice. My first thermal soaring and long-distance flight is etched into my memory and I replay it often. My eyes always look skyward that my heart longs to revisit soon… I am looking forward to their next clinic!!"- Group Captain CN Satish Indian Air Force / Club Pilot , Kerala, India