tower hill paragliding site in india kamshet

one of the best paragliding sites in Maharashtra

best paragliding sites in maharahstra tower hill pune

Just off the highway at Kamshet this east-facing site is drivable for most of the way to the take-off which is 857 meters above sea level. It is a great site for ridge soaring and thermalling, and has a huge area behind the take-off which makes it great for practicing top landing.

Flying height and distance is regulated by the local authorities, therefore, it would be prudent to do your homework before heading out or you may risk the possibility of landing in restricted areas. Tower Hill is a great site for practicing small XC flights. Depending on the NOTAM regulations, you can fly back to Native Place guesthouse 9 kilometres away.

Tower Hill also has a west face that works in the evening towards the end of the season. You can fly the east face in the morning and the west face in the evening. It tends to get turbulent in a south-west wind and although there is enough clear area to land in below there is the highway and high-tension cables to look out for beyond, so take care if you over shoot.

Tower Hill – site information

  • Ridge Orientation: East / West (Tower Hill offers two faces depending on wind conditions)
  • Take-off Altitude: 857 metres MSL
  • Landing Altitude: 240 metres below take-off
  • General Wind / Weather Conditions: Dynamic, Thermic, Thermodynamic
  • Paragliding Season: You can fly at Tower Hill from October to February
  • Pilot Skill: Novice pilots with instructors, intermediate pilots and advanced pilots can fly at Tower Hill

"This was my third trip to Kamshet. We flew almost every day. The days we didn’t fly were by choice and not because of weather. Everyone achieved their own personal goals and frankly, what more can you ask for. On top of that throw in some of the nicest people you could meet, the best food and drink, and more sunshine than you can throw a stick at."

- Chris Sowerby, Oman