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In 1997, Kamshet was reborn as a paragliding destination

Nirvana Adventures came into being in 1997 to fulfil your dreams of free flight by offering a safe, standardized and encouraging atmosphere to anyone interested in joining the magical world of paragliding.

Founders Sanjay and Astrid Rao owned land in Kamshet since 1994. In 1996 Sanjay discovered the sport of paragliding and by 1997 having discovered the paragliding training potential in the hills around set up Nirvana Adventures.  This was to change the face of remote Kamshet forever.

Kamshet was a remote area and paragliding was unheard of even in the cities. There was a dire need to create basic infrastructure. Nirvana Adventures actively involved the local village community at all stages – from making tea and drinking water available to opening their homes and hearts to us paragliders. Every year Nirvana Adventures commemorates this long journey undertaken together with the local community, students and visitors.


  • To offer safe, standardized training to people from all over the world.
  • To build a paragliding community in the country.
  • To open the paragliding sites at Kamshet to the world paragliding community.
  • To ensure that our activities enrich the lives of the locals.
  • To encourage eco-friendly tourism and preserve the beauty of Kamshet for future generations.

indias first and only iso 9001:2008 certified paragliding school

Taking pride in teaching paragliding for the last 22 years.

Nirvana Adventures has been training new and current paragliding students in Kamshet for over two decades. Our groundbreaking efforts in popularizing the sport in the country, maintaining international standards in training, and developing a full-fledged adventure base catering to students & visiting pilots reflects our dedication to the sport. At Nirvana Adventures we continue to evolve and grow with the sport – we are leaders and pioneers as an integrated training facility and continue to stand ahead due to our commitment to our goals.

Read about the experiences as discovered by our students over the years at Nirvana Adventures.

fOOD AND STAY: Your Home Amidst Nature

Nirvana’s accommodation facility, a guesthouse called Native Place is a large house that hugs a hillside that slopes towards the picturesque Vadivali Lake. Situated just 110 kms from Mumbai and 60 kms from Pune, Native Place is within 10 kms of two of the world’s favorite flying sites Tower Hill and Shelar.

It houses the paragliding school facilities and infrastructure, such as a debriefing zone, audio video training aids, a simulator as well as accommodation for instructors, students and visiting pilots.

Designed as an eco-friendly guesthouse to compliment an eco-friendly sport, this warm, friendly place is a bright and airy piece of architecture with charming features around a central open-to-sky courtyard, custom made for our paragliding pilots and students who enjoy their stay here. It is famed for great atmosphere, delightful hangout spaces, delicious meals and stunning views of the lake past the lush terraced tropical garden.

"I have made 11 visits to Nirvana since Dec. '01. I have done all my paragliding training with Nirvana Adventures here at Kamshet. Happily, of course the location, ambience and food always worked their usual magic. As ever, things were subtly overseen by Sanjay and Astrid's unique blend of 'extended family' hosting and attention to detail. Whilst we all know the years bring inevitable changes, be sure the core Nirvana experience remains true to its 'Peace, Bliss and Happy Landings' mantra! Until next time then... "- Michael Prichard, Hong Kong, China