paragliding training process in india

BHPA standard training programs

Safety first is a drill that is inculcated at every step of our training program as we help you gain the respect, skills and knowledge to pursue paragliding as a hobby.

You will appreciate the concern for safety as well as the focus on developing paragliding fundamentals that will help provide you with a safe outlook and a long happy flying innings in the sport.

An overview of how we run our course programs

Here at Nirvana Adventures we follow the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association’s (BHPA) progressive training system, a step by step approach that ensures a comprehensive, grounding in all the skills and knowledge ensuring high standards. We have developed a training program that is enjoyable and satisfying in a country holiday atmosphere set amongst the hills 2200 ft above sea level.

ground learning of paragliding

When you arrive at Native Place we allot a set of equipment to you (glider, harness, helmet and radio) for your exclusive use during the period of your course. You are also given a training record, manual and log book and will be exposed to other reading material and paragliding videos. Your instructors live under the same roof and are always at hand should you have any queries.

At the appointed time you will leave for the flying site along with the Nirvana crew. Your lesson in the field will begin on flat ground where you begin learning to fly the glider while safely on the ground. After a brief demonstration by your instructor, you’ll put on a harness and learn ground handling (how to control the glider on the ground), launching and landing skills with your instructor running alongside you. Day one is dedicated to ground training.

learning of paragliding at flynirvana

Your first flights will be undertaken in controlled conditions. The training hill you fly from, the wind speeds you take off in and the glider you fly are all selected keeping your level in mind. You will start with hops or low level skimming flights where you fly a few feet above the ground.

When you feel comfortable and can demonstrate good control of the glider, we’ll move to the training slope where you’ll practice

solo flights from a higher altitude. First flights are short and at the landing area an assistant will be waiting to guide you into a smooth touchdown. Most students fly at the end of their second training day.

Under the guidance of your instructor calmly talking to you on radio during your flight you will learn to takeoff, make gentle turns, judge the wind direction and land gently and gracefully as an eagle. You will then be on your way to mastering the art of powerless flight.Theory lectures and video sessions are held at the guesthouse. Each day dedicated transport takes you to the flying site and back.

take off from paragliding site in kamshet

After an active session at the site you come back home to Native Place to enjoy great food, great company and great views.

Ensure your safety during first flights

All aspects of our training are designed keeping your safety in mind and are strictly carried out under controlled conditions.

training hill

The training hill: As a beginner your first flights will be from gentle reassuring hillsides. Our training hill conforms to international guidelines.

training hill

Training wings: To start with, a school glider is a basic glider, low on performance but with a high safety factor, which is very important at this point.


Beginner wind speed: Our student pilots are trained and launched in gentle steady winds blowing perpendicular to the take off that are hospitable to beginners and match international guidelines.

Nirvana Adventures - your friend and guide post course

Once you join our courses, you automatically become a part of our club. We help you continue with the sport by offering you subsidized rates on glider rental that no other school can match, as well as accommodation at Native Place our guesthouse on the lake.

We give you advice on & help you purchase a wing suited to your need. Our website and periodic newsletters will keep you informed about the weather, who's visiting, interesting developments in the sport and flying trips within the country and overseas.

Nirvana Adventures has created a community atmosphere and a sense of camaraderie among our students and pilots. You will find that we are always around and willing to lend an extra hand or go flying with you once you have completed your training. We fly as a group almost every weekend, and take former students on trips to new flying sites.

Native Place is a meeting place for pilots and students and there are impromptu pilot get together's on most weekends. Friends and family often join in.

"Nirvana Adventures follows a detailed step by step process that helps the technical minded and the fun loving participant to progress easily to higher levels in the sport. As the days pass your confidence increases and with each flight the controls become like second nature and you fly instinctively like a bird."- Dylan Fernandes, Mumbai