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Exposure to the outdoors – exploring ponds, streams and fields of home in childhood has a dramatic impact on our lives. Such experiences fill us with a sense of identity and confidence that guide us in adulthood. Too often today children never get the opportunity to get to know nature and the secrets of the outdoors.

Are you looking to give your children a sense of comfort & joy in nature? Or are you looking for a special field trip for your school nature club?

At Nirvana Adventures our camps are designed to guide children on a fascinating journey of discovery and adventure, whetting their interest in the what, how, which, when, and why of the natural world. We have annual nature & adventure holiday camps for children and a series of curriculum related field trips for schools and nature clubs. Our programs are based on renowned American nature educator Joseph Cornell’s Sharing Nature with Children.

Learn safe with Nirvana Adventures

At Nirvana Adventures you get residential programs wherein young people are guaranteed a sound and safe learning experience under close supervision of highly skilled and qualified instructors and camp supervisors.

With a large range of activities to choose from, comfortable and luxurious accommodation combined with good healthy meals, there is no better way to make your trip fun and memorable.

Some highlights / benefits of our nature and adventure camps:

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  • A beautiful natural setting in which to relax and learn in.
  • Internationally acclaimed innovative and experiential team building and nature activities.
  • A host of experiential nature based activities give children their own special outdoor experience and ways of relating to nature.
  • Curriculum related activities that impart new perspective on science, geography and Environmental Education.
  • Nature awareness methods that open the heart to a deeper experience of nature.
  • Adventure and outdoor survival activities that stretch limits and unlock potential while imparting a sense of confidence and resilience.
  • The activities enhance ability to creatively express and present ones ideas and experiences.

youth zone adventure activities

  • Rock climbing
  • Learning the ropes
  • Rappelling
  • Intro to paragliding
  • Birding
  • Outdoor survival skills
  • Nature classroom

"The Holiday Studio has been hosting a Kids Camp at Native Place for the past 4 years. Native Place is an ideal location for young people to connect with nature and the outdoors. The garden filled with birds and butterflies, the veggie growing areas, the farm animals, the beautiful lake view, adventure, nature activities and paragliding conducted by Nirvana Adventures What more could a kid ask for."- Priyanka Jena, Mumbai

Check out some Youth Adventures we have conducted

Thrill hunters overrun Kamshet

Thrill hunters overrun Kamshet
The Thrill Hunters had their fill of adventure and nature, taking to the ropes naturally and without hesitation as only the young children would... READ MORE

Aranya Nature Club Outing

Aranya Nature Club Outing
In December 2009 Beacon High’s Nature Club ‘Aranya’ came to Native Place for a field trip. This was their annual event and 32 children and 4 teachers arrived at Native Place ... READ MORE

Don Bosco International School Goes Paragliding

Don Bosco International School Goes Paragliding
37 kids boarded a bus in the morning from Mumbai and drove up to the serene Native Place Guesthouse at Kamshet, to experience the joy of flight and adventure...READ MORE

Holiday Camp hosted for Accent International School

Holiday Camp hosted for Accent International School
Nirvana Adventures paragliding student, Miranda Mortimer, an expat living in mumbai, happend to be teaching at the Accent International School. A regular at Native Place and Nirvana Adventures she enjoyed the....READ MORE