Pilot Rating: Club Pilot / APPI 2 Explore License

Is it for me?

If you are considering taking up paragliding as a hobby and have time to spare, then this is the course for you. No previous flight experience is required.This extended course combines the Elementary, Intermediate & Club Pilot courses all done back to back. Doing the courses back to back will allow you to progress faster.


This is an intensive course designed to make you a competent Club pilot. On completion of this course you will be able to fly for extended periods of time without direct instructor supervision. You will hone your skills in the air, be able to assess a site, weather assessment, meteorology, flight planning, rules of the air and safety. You will learn how to gain height and soar like a bird for extended periods of time. You will gain a deeper understanding of the glider, its characteristics and how to fly it safely and competently as well as deal with instability. The emphasis here is to get you comfortable in the air on your own as the pilot in command.

On completion of this course you are eligible for the APPI 2 Explore licence. Being an APPI certified school Nirvana Adventures can directly apply on your behalf. The license fee is currently 35 Euros for the first year, which you will be paying directly to APPI, Switzerland. Your license will be delivered to your given postal address directly by APPI. You can read about APPI, their Education & Rating system, advantages & license benefits here at http://appifly.org/


  • Site assessment
  • Introduction to the paragliding equipment
  • Canopy layout
  • Forward launch technique
  • Ground handling
  • S turns
  • Flight planning and safety
  • Course correction
  • Maintaining airspeed
  • Low-level flights (bunny hops)
  • Solo flights
  • Landing and post-landing procedure
  • Targeted Landings, Audio/Video interactive sessions
  • Aerodynamics and airmanship
  • Simulator sessions
  • Forward and reverse ground handling
  • Canopy handling and kiting skills (on old ground handling wings only)
  • Strong wind launches on slope
  • Cross-wind launch
  • Airspeed controls
  • Active piloting skills
  • Alternating S turns
  • Weight shift turns
  • Roll and pitch control
  • Ridge soaring techniques
  • Rear riser turns
  • Target/spot landings
  • Flight planning
  • Flight safety and eventuality briefings
  • Safety rules and ridge rules
  • Strong wind post landing procedures
  • Planned approaches
  • Exploring the speed range
  • Accelerator systems
  • 180-degree and 360-degree turns
  • Cross-wind launch
  • Rapid descent techniques
  • Dealing with asymmetric tucks
  • Duration flights of up to one-hour duration
  • Meteorology
  • Principles of flight
  • Rules of the air
  • Airmanship knowledge
  • Theory of instability and emergencies
  • Glider care
  • Multiple-choice written exam


The 11-Day APPI Paragliding License package includes:

  • Exclusive state-of-the-art paragliding equipment including harness, helmet and radio, keeping your weight range and course level in mind, reserved for you
  • Paragliding course material
  • Instruction and radio supervision with a healthy student instructor ratio, to ensure quality instruction and guidance at every stage
  • Complimentary site transport
  • Complimentary Food and Stay (10 night and 11 days in dorm) at our guesthouse – Native Place, the best accommodation in the area overlooking the serene Vadivali lake
  • A planned system of training based on the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) standards
  • APPI 2 Explore License’ internationally valid license from the Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors


Enrol for 11-Day APPI Paragliding License Program for Rs. 70000/- per head (food stay and transport to the flying site included.)


On completion of this course you will be capable of flying without direct instructor supervision. If you wish to take up paragliding as a hobby, now’s the time to buy your own equipment. Your instructors will guide you about what equipment will be suitable for you. Rack up some airtime, get comfortable with your wing so you will be able to join our thermalling and Cross-Country courses and progress further in the sport. You are now equipped to fly at different locations, making the Sky your Playground

Food And Stay

When you sign up for a course with Nirvana Adventures you get the added benefit of staying at our beautiful tropical guesthouse, Native Place is an experience in itself. Overlooking the lake with great ambience, a garden filled with birds, trees, flowers, serving delicious home-cooked meals prepared with local ingredients grown in the garden.

Nirvana Adventures puts your safety first: We are conservative when it comes to training you on bunny slopes, tandem flights or High mountain sites. We do this only when the conditions are ideal. Safety is our main concern and we rely on good weather conditions for training you. Kamshet is fortunate enough to have the best climate with light and moderate winds for most of the year round, so fly-able days are plentiful.

"I seriously can't say enough great things about FlyNirvana , So many friendly and interesting people they are all addicted and passionate about paragliding . They all supported the learning process and consideration for safety. Their accommodation, Native Place Guesthouse one can explore the beautiful nature. If you're looking for a bit of a vacation while you learn, look no further. The community is good for the soul. The people, the pilots lounge, the open natural air , the night time around the campfire, and the beautiful lake are all a great part of the experience."- Abhishek Nandrekar, Mumbai, India