Learn the fine art of paragliding

Does the idea of free flying fascinate you? What if you could soar across mountains and swoop above rivers? Imagine breathtaking scenery, pleasant weather and you above all, flying like a bird as you touch the skies.

Sounds like quite a thrill, doesn’t it?

Paragliding is one of the most affordable and feasible ways of achieving free-flight. It is also easy to learn and fun to practice as it allows you to float above the ground and enjoy the beauty of nature, just like a bird.

Choose a Paragliding Course that’s right for you

corporate Event 2 Day Introductory Course

2-Day Introductory Course
The 2 day introductory course is for those looking for an active fun adventure weekend. It gives you a peek into the sport. READ MORE

corporate event 3 day taster course

3-Day Taster Course
If the idea of taking off from a hillside and gliding gracefully through the air sounds like a great plan for a long weekend, join this course.  READ MORE

corporate event 4 day elementary pilot course

4-Day Elementary Pilot Course (EP)
Take your first step towards being a paragliding pilot with this 4-day entry-level course in which you learn the basic skills required to become a safe and competent paragliding pilot. A major part of this course is dedicated to take-offs, landings, and ground training. READ MORE

corporate event 3 day intermediate course

3-Day Intermediate Pilot Course (IP)
Once you have done EP1 course, and have not been able to practice enough, the EP2 course will train you for the next level. READ MORE

corporate event club pilot course

4 Day Club Pilot Course (CP)
This is an important level if you intend to continue with the sport after completing Elementary Pilot Course. READ MORE

7-Day APPI Paragliding Program/APPI 1 Discover (Entry Level Course)
This 7-day program clubs the Elementary & Intermediate pilot courses back to back. READ MORE

11-Day APPI Paragliding License Program/ ‘APPI 2 Explore License’
If you are considering taking up paragliding as a hobby and have time to spare, then this is the course for you. READ MORE

4-Day Fly Nirvana Thermalling Clinic
Once you have completed your Club Pilot course and have some flying experience, it’s time to sign up for a Thermal Flying course READ MORE

5-Day Intro to XC in Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh
Once you have completed your club pilot course and have some flying experience, you can sign up for this course, and learn to fly distances. READ MORE

Rahul Gandhi At Fly Nirvana
Indian Air Force At Fly Nirvana
Indian Air Force at fly nirvana
Rahul Gandhi. The Indian Air Force. The Indian Navy. And Now You.

25 years of Teaching paragliding

Learn paragliding under professional guidance with quality equipment, at India’s leading and the only paraglding school with ISO certification. Nirvana Adventures holds a special position of being the longest-running and most reputed paragliding school in India, conducting full-time Residential Paragliding Courses, since 1997.

At Nirvana Adventures, we’ve been teaching paragliding to eager-to-learn flyers, foreign tourists and adventure daredevils, for over 25 years. You get a well defined syllabus; experienced instructors and quality equipment to help you enjoy and cherish this exhilarating sport and, thereby, making your experience with us a memorable one.

Nirvana Adventures offers complete courses in paragliding for beginners, as well as for those who want to take their paragliding skills to a new level. We have courses to suit different levels of interest, whether you are looking for a one-time free flying experience, or to become a hobby pilot and go on paragliding holidays to different parts of the world.

We’ll help you select a course which suits your level of interest and, most importantly, which is right for you. Thousands of people have trained and graduated from Nirvana Adventures in the last 25 years. So, what are you waiting for? Join Nirvana Adventures – the only Paragliding School in India with a permanent base in the centre of the most favoured flying zone in peninsular India – Kamshet.

"Dear Nirvana Adventures and Native Place, I had an unbelievable time learning to fly with you guys. Very cool folks you have in your community! I hope to be flying with you guys again soon!"- Liam Brown, British Columbia