Paragliding Training at Shinde Tekdi
A wonderful little hillside tucked away from the highway. Early mornings at Shinde Tekdi are beautiful with mist, chirping birds, grasses waving in the gentle breeze and excited students running up and down with brightly colored wings. In this album we cover Shilpa and Mitali as they progresses from day one to three of the course and achieves their dreams of free flight.
The Amazing Shelar Paragliding Site
Our favorite flying site and the first we discovered in this area, Shelar oozes atmosphere – what with the kids who pack your wings, the amazing summer sunsets and the extraordinary Shelar Mama (uncle) who supplies tea, snacks and bang on comments!. This is where we hold the Nirvana Adventures End of Season Party just before the SW monsoons arrives.
Winter Flying at Tower Hill
Just off the highway but yet high above it all, the Tower Hill site works from October to March. Flying goes on all through the day here and we often hang out for the entire day in the sun and make a picnic out of it. Expect to see a mixed bunch of paragliders from all over the world meet up here. If you are watchful you may see the occasional raptor fly by.
Lina’s First Paragliding Flight
Young Lina is all excited about flying like a bird. Follow her excitement and her mom’s trepidation as she make her way up to the takeoff, imitates her dad by helping other paragliders at takeoff, gets geared up a and treated like a princess by the Nirvana Adventures crew before she takes to the skies with her dad.
Nirvana’s Paragliding Trips & Tours
Nirvana Adventures’ trips are open to Club Pilots. Each year we announce trips to different places around the country and abroad. These tours are aimed at improving our flying skills, and gain an understanding of the information to keep us flying safe and flying high at new and different sites. Here we present a mix of pix from our various trips.
Nirvana Adventures Annual Paragliding End of Season Party
This world famous annual event is a tradition that Nirvana Adventures initiated in 2003. Held at the end of May before the SW monsoons arrive to celebrate the great flying here and to thank the children and the farmers because of whose goodwill we fly here. It begins with a prayer to ‘Gonshubai’ the deity of the hills whom the farmers pray to for a good monsoon.
Nirvana Adventures & CSR
Right from our inception Nirvana Adventures has been committed to ensuring that our activities enrich the life of the local people, encourage sustainable tourism and preserve the beauty of the area for generations to come. Whether it is employment to local people, offering education scholarships, tree plantation and clean- up drives or nature education Nirvana Adventures is committed to doing its bit for the future of this area.
Native Place an Eco Friendly Guesthouse
Home to Nirvana Adventures crew, students and pilots from all over the world, Native Place is a scenic getaway overlooking a lake and surrounded by hills. It is the perfect adventure base conducive to paragliding, and a host of outdoor activities. Explore this one of a kind tropical guesthouse with its many hangout spaces, delightful garden & breathtaking views.
Sharing Nature & Adventure Camps at Native Place
Our camps are designed to guide children on a fascinating journey of discovery and adventure, whetting their interest in the what, how, which, when, and why of the natural world. These experiences impart a sense of identity and confidence. We also offer a series of curriculum related field trips for schools and nature clubs.
Multi Activity Adventure & Team Building weekends for Corporate Groups
Check out our wide range of group activities, shared thrills, and team building activities in the great outdoors, all amidst a breathtaking locale and a specially designed guesthouse as a base camp. Our activities teach you teamwork in exciting outdoor settings. For a touch of tranquility we also provide you with leisure nature activities that impart a balanced frame of mind.
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